How to choose the Best CBD oil for pain?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, or know someone who is suffering, then you may have already researched various natural pain treatments. You may have come across multiple articles on CBD hemp oil, an extract that is taken from the cannabis plant. This extract is known to be the best CBD oil for pain management that eases pain without causing any intoxication like Marijuana. However, before you hand over your hard-earned money in hopes of finding relief, you may want to keep reading this article.

Firstly, you need to know that not all CBD oils are created equal and a recent study that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that more than 70% of CBD oil that is sold online is mislabeled or tampered with. The study also showed that approximately 42% of the products were under labeled and contained more CBD than what was mentioned on the label.

While studies have shown that taking more CBD than required can have potential side effects, products that have too little CBD can be devoid of any benefits to the user. Even more, the differences in CBD quantity can make the whole purchase experience very unreliable for the customer, primarily if the product is sold online.

The FDA does not regulate hemp CBD oil; this creates an awareness situation for the buyers. Nevertheless, even though the oil is not controlled, it’s still in high demand for patients who suffer from chronic pain and look for an alternative, natural medication. They prefer to take CBD oil because they have minimal side effects when taken in limited doses. However, with so many companies pushing their products in the market, how will you know which is the Best CBD oil for pain?

To know the answer, we will have to cover some basics. There are two kinds of CBD oil, hemp-based and marijuana-based CBD oil. Both the versions are extracted from different varieties of the cannabis plant. The hemp-based CBD oil can be found online or at specific stores, whereas, marijuana-based products can be found at dispensaries in locations where marijuana is legal.

Hemp CBD oil is a stripped-down version of what you would want to buy from a dispensary. It’s quite beneficial to people suffering from chronic pain and other conditions like anxiety. The main criticism people seem to have with all CBD products is that they are available in limited quantities. These products mainly comprise of CBD and little of anything else.

Hemp CBD products do have a certain limitation, however, they are still an option for people who can’t access marijuana in a legal state. If you’re interested in trying out the best CBD oil for pain (hemp), then listed below are some of the characteristics to look out for when you’re trying to choose a quality product.

Buy American:

Most hemp-based CBD products are created from industrialized grown hemp that is cultivated overseas. It’s uncertain whether the countries have strong environmental regulations that govern how and where the plant is grown. This can be a problem since hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means they absorb heavy metals from the soil in which they are produced. Consumers may end up with toxins or chemical solvents, depending on how the oil is processed, that is used to purify the CBD after the harvest. The hemp products that are manufactured in the US create CBD products that are safe because of better growth and refined practices.


Choose hemp CBD products that are grown organically to lessen any potential exposure to harmful pesticides and other toxins. If you search for the Best CBD oil for pain on Google, you may find companies that are located in Colorado and Kentucky. The primary objective is purchasing a product that is as clean and legal as possible.

Choosing A Full Spectrum:

Try looking for a full spectrum CBD product instead of an isolate. Full spectrum relates to a CBD product that has all other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant and terpenes for better healing and performance. There is also a low concentration of THC in the full spectrum CBD. An isolate will consist of purified CBD and is isolated from other cannabinoids.

Beware of False Health Claims:

The FDA stopped any companies from making health claims that are not true about CBD products; hence, it’s best to avoid companies that proclaim they can cure cancer or end pain permanently. If a company makes such promises, it means they don’t fully understand the effects of their product and the results they provide. It suggests that something is not right.

Avoid Unnecessary Ingredients:

Avoid companies that make use of thinning agents, flavoring or any harmful additions that can pose a risk to your health rather than helping it. Stay clear of the oils that are used for vaping. It’s strongly advised that you don’t use a vaporizer to vape CBD oil products because they contain thinning agents that can be quite toxic. Thinning agents are inclusive of propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol, and they shouldn’t be in a product that you will eat or inhale. Flavoring agents that are added to CBD hemp oils should be a major red flag for you not to buy it. They should be avoided because the FDA hasn’t approved any of the flavoring agents to be inhaled or heated. So, if a product is adequately grown, cultivated, and manufactured properly, it won’t require any thinning or flavoring agents.


In the end, the best CBD oil for pain has been studied and analyzed for its potential role in treating many common health issues, which include anxiety, depression, acne and heart diseases. For patients who are diagnosed with cancer, it may even provide a natural alternative for pain relief that is caused by the disease or the treatment side effects. The research on the potential benefits of CBD oil is still going on, so new results are coming to surface regularly, and new therapeutic uses for this natural remedy are being discovered as well. Though there is a lot more to be found and learned about the safety of CBD, the recent results show that it can provide a safe and natural treatment for many physical and mental health issues.