Best Health and Schedule Apps For Android and iPhones

Best Health and Schedule Apps For Android and iPhones: People nowadays are very concern about their time schedule and health because of the various factors around us. People know the need of maintaining their schedule and health but struggle to maintain it due to their busy schedule or laziness. But what if you find something budget free and also easy to maintain?

If you are struggling to make up with your everyday health and time routine, then why not utilize the technology to start up your healthy day. In your smartphones itself you may find various apps which might help you to maintain your daily routine in a healthy way. Apps such as Alarm, is very common but still very useful, which helps in managing your sleep and starting your day by waking you up. Such as alarm, there are various other apps which guide you to maintain a healthy and scheduled lifestyle.

Best health apps for Android

Let’s get smart with these following apps and go forward with a well-organized day. Here is the list of such apps which will surely help in maintaining your health and daily routine life:

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are those apps which guides you to track your exercise and diet goals. These apps includes My Fitness Pal, my net diary, map my run, Sworkit, workout trainer and fitness buddy. These apps help you to perform certain exercises on daily basis and also guides to your daily calorie intake supplies.

To Do List Apps

If you are not precise of remembering important dates or any important task then apps like wunderlist keeps you prepared with to-do list feature, which assist you to continue the record of your tasks for the present or coming days. In order to keep you managed throughout the day, it assists you to team up with your group members and assign the duties for the day.

For iPhone users there is a similar category of app and that is known as Errands.

News and magazine apps

For Android and iPhone user’s apps like Flipboard, Zite, Pocket, Pulse etc. are your personalized magazines which gives you a one-touch process to get around the world news which also includes videos and information from social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. With the help of this app you can find out new methods of maintaining healthy life by reading articles on health issues.

Weather check apps

There are various weather check apps such as AccuWeather apps which are accessible to both Android and iPhone users. The app gives you the weather information reports regarding both localized and generalized.

This app not only informs you about the weather reports of hyper-localized weather situations, exact to the point to precise streets but also helps you to organize in advance and plan accordingly.

GPS and Traffic Apps

Waze is the world’s major communal based traffic and navigation app. It is a free Social App for traffic updates that enables real-time traffic information on your way to work.

This app is 100 percent driven by users and in order to prevent your vehicle from getting trapped in the middle, this app also informs the neighboring gas stations.