Bharat takes Ram’s Slipper! Siya Ke Ram 8th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Bharat takes Ram’s Slipper! Siya Ke Ram 8th April 2016 Episode Written Update : The last night episode of the TV series “Siya Ke Ram” starts with Ram saying there are many sounds in the world, but we have to go from world, now every sound will follow us. We will be always alive in the world, that’s why Dasharath has sacrificed his son, as Tyaag is something which is ultimate stage of the human life.


Siya Ke Ram 8th April 2016 Written Updates

Now it is decided that the Dashrath will be only here just to protect his promises, and Ram said that if Dashrath can give his life for the protections of his promise then being his son I will and I need to do this as being an ideal son. It is I sacrifice it, its son’s right to fulfil father’s work and duty, till son completes the work, he can’t get free of his duty, and the son needs to full fill his father’s choice instead of thinking about his pleasure. Ram thinks like that.

Dasharath gave promise to Kaikeyi and it’s my duty to fulfil his swear I will fulfil it in any situation anyhow. But now Kaikeyi realised that what she did with Ram was not right so now Kaikeyi rush towards Ram to seek prdon from him but Ram said no I can’t give you pardon as you did not did any mistake. Ram said you are mother and elder so you are having right to give me order and it is my duty to full fill your orders.

Kaikeyi wanted to say it is she did a sin but Ram said this was not a sin done by her, in fact it was a blessings which is luckily Ram received by his mom. And Ram gives logic of being going in the Vanvaas that by going Vanvaas of Ram it is Bharath became King of the Ayodha being the eligible one and by going Vanvaas it is Ram have an opportunity to do the Lok Kalyan of Vishwa (Worldly welfare).

Ram said that he also realised that how much it is his wife Sita is in love with him and it is his younger brother Laxman is actually Parchhaai of him. Kaikeyi is very embarrassed for what she did. Now Kaikeyi tells Ram that you have forgiven me, how will I forgive myself, how will I live without you for 14 years?

Bharath pledge to Ram to cancel the plan of his Vanvass, but Ram said “Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aayi Pran Jaaye Par Vachan Na Jaayi”. So now Bharath took Ram’s slipper in order to keep it in the Singhasan of him till now Ram will be for Vanvaas as Bharath feels he is not worthy enough to take Ram’s position. Ram goes emotional and hugs Bharath.