Bharat’s Life is in danger! Siya Ke Ram 25th February 2016 Written Updates

The melodrama of the TV series “Siya Ke Ram” is literally going strong these days on the small screen, which is indeed having huge TRPS rating. So many notable actors are connecting with the show to showcase their talent. Till now in the mythological show we see that Sita moves to Ayodha after leaving Mithila with her groom Ram as a newlywed bride.

Bharat's Life is in danger! Siya Ke Ram 25th February 2016 Written Updates

Now the show “Siya Ke Ram” is yet to focus on the life of another leading character of the show Ravan. So the latest report is saying that the to play the role of Ravan it is the veteran TV actress Pratima Kannan is to make a grtand entry in the show to portray the role of Ravan’s mother Kaikesi.

The buzz is saying that the senior actress Pratima who has done innumerable roles in both films and television shows, never got to play a mythological character until now. And the actress is excited for the show.

Anyway in the last night episode of the mega serial it has been shown that Ram exclaims Ayodhya is really lucky to have you all. Sita’s mother was missing her daughters. Then king Rajrishi comes there and reminds her of the scene years back when drought came and she thought she is responsible for drought as she could not give birth to children.

Rajishri now talk about mythological stuff and says that Sita has directed to teach you Neetishastra and vedas. In ayodhya Kaikeyi was showing Dresses and jewellery for Sita.

The next scene shows that Kaikeyi, Koushyala and Sumitra welcome Ram and Sita with the other brides and grooms with Dashrath in the Ganga to greet their sons and the daughter-in-laws. Now Ram and Sita were on Rath . Sita feels blessings are with her of Ganga, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Ram and Sita now greet Ganga and recite some mantras. Mother Ganga appears. Ganga also folds hands in front of them. Ganga blesses and asked her Sita word will be considered as most sacred and pure word then disappears.

Sita is blissful to hear that and Lord Shiva also wishes the couple and showered them with blessings. The Lord Vishnu and the Lord Mahadev also showered the couple with the good wishes.