Big F Episode 7 22nd Nov 2015 Episode Video Extra Marital Affair To Showcase

Big F Episode 7 22nd Nov 2015 Episode Video Extra Marital Affair To Showcase : In the youth oriented program “Big F” tonight it will an extra-marital affair to showcase. The story of the TV series “Gautam Gulati Big F” will be followed by tale of lonely house-wife with whom her husband doesn’t spend time. The house-wife always feels her loneliness but as per tradition she can’t say anything to her husband who is always being rude with her. Her husband even embarrasses to introduce her as his wife.

big f episode 7

Big F Episode 7 22nd Nov 2015 Episode

She is just compromising with her life in the situation and her wedded husband. A particular scene in the show is depicting her problems of life. In flight her husband makes her to sit in the economic class and he himself journey in business class. She also got strange to find that her husband make her introduce to everybody as her neighbor instead of his wife.

In the flight main story is yet to start in which the house-wife will be falling in love with a young dashing man in the flight. First the duo will be friend and eventually fall in love. Both are alone in their life and they admire each other’s company.

Meanwhile, the couple got cozy with each other and they sleep together. The woman literally forgets before sleeping with another man that she is married with a high profile rich person.

Gradually, she realized that he is the right person on her life and her happiness is with the person with whom she met right here in the flight. She also decides to leave her husband.

It is another chapter of the “Big F” which is telling about Forbidden Fantasy.