Bigg Boss 10 1st November 2016 Episode Day 15 Written Updates BB10 Luxury Budget task

Bigg Boss 10 1st November 2016 Episode Day 15 Written Updates BB10 Luxury Budget task :- In the reality TV show, Bigg Boss Season 10 Day 15 is last night episode starts with a peppy number ‘Ole Ole’. Mona Lisa complains about the division of work to Manu, and Manu promised her to sort out the issue anyway.


Manveer says to Swami that he should get in the swimming pool. Swami refused and Manu sees that Mona Lisa is going there in the swimming pool. But after Mona Lisa arrives in the swimming pool just Swami arrives there in the swimming pool and he dances with her there in the pool. When Manu sees Manveer and Bani speaking to each other, he asked Mona that Bani is trying to instigate him against the team.

Manu abuses Swami because an ugly spat takes place between them and Manveer wonder about Manu that why he fights with Swami as Swami right now did anything wrong to Manu. Though Manveer is unable to understand anything but he supports Manu.

Somehow when fighting takes place between Swami Ji and Manu, Swami Ji said that he doesn’t want anyone to support him and he also said that he always wanted unity in the team. Swami tells Lopa that he will have food with celeb team from now onward. Swami requests Bigg Boss that he doesn’t want to talk to Manu and Manveer.

Swami yells at Manveer and Manu and he also said that now he won’t speak with the “aam aadmi” team. Bigg Boss announces nominations and calls Mona Lisa as the first participant and then tells her to nominate two contestants from her own team, which means that celeb will also need to nominate 2 people from her own team.

Navin is safe from the nominations as he is having protection as he won the immunity task. Now Mona nominates Bani and Lopa. Swami confesses in front of everyone that he will nominate contestants from his own team. Bani now nominate Mona and Lopa, whereas Gaurav Chopra nominates Rahul Dev and Bani and Rahul Dev consider them the strong competitor.

Now Lopa nominates Bani and Karan and Navin nominates Swami and Manu whereas Lokesh also nominates Swami and Manu by citing the reason that Manu is the cleverest contestant of his team.

Now Swami’s turn and he nominate Manveer and Manu by blaming on them that they always abused elders. He even cries and says that Manu and Manveer should not send a message of abusing elders on the national television as it will be sprucing the wrong message among the kids.

Finally, the nominated candidates are Mona, Bani, Lopa, Swami, Manu, Nitibha and Manveer. Swami and Nitibha are seen discussing nominations for that they face criticism.

Nitibha says that she knows Manu and Manveer have voted for her during the nominations. Gaurav explains to Bani that their relationship is healthy but still he voted her in the nominations as he needs a proper reason to nominate someone and Baani asked to him that he thinks that she is the perfect one to be nominated.

Baani also complains to Gaurav that she never expected this from him anyway and she also asked Gaurav that further, she doesn’t want any explanations’.

Navin discusses Manu with Mona as he says that Manu flocks with celebs as Navin thinks that by mingling with the celebrities he thinks to have more audiences and it is his effort to gain more votes’ from the country.

Mona replies that everyone has their own strategy to play in this house and she is having her own. And she also said that Manu is having his own and he can’t be criticized for that.

Anyway throwing light on the drama of the house is to highlight the growing closeness between Monalisa and Manu Punjabi as the couple is the topic of discussion in the house. The two look comfortable in each other’s company and it and it seems like something is cooking between them.

From spending time in the lawn to flirting with each other, Mona and Manu are grabbing the eyeballs for their too proximity. The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss will surely raise many eyebrows as Monalisa kisses Manu during the new luxury budget task, “Raja and drunk”. Yes, that happened suddenly!

In the tonight’s episode, you will see how Monalisa suddenly runs and just embraced Manu from behind as well Mona kisses him on his cheek. Now that’s going to deep!

Well, Bigg Boss is not only about planning, plotting, fights, and drama, but the show also being famous actually for its romance anyway, so it is not surprising that Mona and Manu come too close to the show.

In fact, in the recent episode of Bigg Boss, Manu had confessed to Monalisa that he is already engaged. When Monalisa asked him what her fiancé would think of him as he is flirting with her. Manu had a very frank answer saying that if not her (Monalisa) then he can flirt with anyone in the house as Manu thinks it is the most secure way to stay in the house. It is surprising…. Is not!