Bigg Boss 10 Day 6 Kamya Punjabi Special Guest/ Priyanka Jagga Eliminated BB10 Episode

Bigg Boss 10 Day 6 Kamya Punjabi Special Guest/ Priyanka Jagga Eliminated BB10 Episode :- Former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi will appear on this Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Sunday (October 23) where she will speak to the contestants and give the opinion about them which she strictly mentions that it is based on how they perform in the first week of the house in its 10th season. During her conversation, Kamya will be sharing her point of views which said that she is actually disappointment with the celebrity contestants.


She will tell them that they need to pull up their socks and perform better as even though they are celebrities, it is the Indiawale aka commoners actually steals the show completely. The former Bigg Boss participants actually speak fully in her Bindaas attitude which seems do not like by some of the members but still some people agree with her.

While host Salman Khan, has already stated that this season began from a point which used to come much and he also said that it is the most difficult season for him to host. Kamya laid emphasis that celebrities are trying to play safe and hiding from controversies and she said that Indiawale is the bold enough to discuss on any topic in the show.

Furthermore, she tells Bani that she has disappointed all her fans as she could not stick around to complete the task and Kamya also praised Priyanka that she completed her tasks as well she overcome her difficulties which are appreciable anyway.

On a lighter note, Salman Khan will be seen making fun of Swami Om’s claim that his energy diverted a missile and also he claim that he is having the capacity to walk on the water. Though Salman had already warned Swami about not giving life threats to people on some petty issues, the ‘tantrik’ Baba will still be seen getting into a verbal spat with Lopamudra Raut during which he will again issue a threat that now the entire house will see how a game is played.

As the show moves to its first eviction episode tonight, it will be interesting to know whether Priyanka’s weapon of fights and disputes will make her survive in the show or she will have to leave the show. She was nominated for eviction along with Manu Punjabi, Gaurav Chopra, and Mona Lisa on Monday. While Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa have already been saved by the audience, Gaurav Chopra, and Priyanka Jagga still continue to be in eviction zone.

The reports are saying that Priyanka is all set to leave the show as she is the least vote’s gainer but after her eviction, it is also saying the news that Priyanka will become back on the show as the wild card entry.
She actually gives Masala to the show since its only first week so may be the channel and makers will not want to lose her.

So surely she is going to come back in the coming episodes of the Bigg Boss 10 but now she will have to leave the house tonight due to having least votes from all and the TV actor Gaurav will be spare to lock in the controversial house for the further times.