Bigg Boss 9 19th November 2015 Episode Rishabh & Prince Fight Who Get Nominated Today

Bigg Boss 9 19th November 2015 Episode Rishabh & Prince Fight Who Get Nominated Today : In the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” last night we saw that Mandana got evicted from the house but it was her eviction from the house not from the game. She will be making comeback in the show tonight with bang and this time she will be angrier with the house-mates. Actually, the thing was she had been locked in a secret room for the one night by sitting in her secret room she was got chance to see everybody from her secret room. In the room she caught everybody was criticizing her.

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Bigg Boss 9 19th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

It shown last night everybody were criticizing Mandana including Kishwar. Mandana hurts to see that even her friends Rochelle Rao and even Aman Verma was criticizing her.

It was on day 38, Mandana was asked to leave the house after Rimi Sen declared her the worst performer of “Sharati Bachche” task. The announcement will leave everyone shocked, especially Aman and Rochelle.

However, with the Mandana’s exit Kishwer shown very happy last night and she said ‘I am very happy that Mandana has left the house’. Not that I think she was my competition; she was a headache. So it’s good that she has gone,” Kishwar said this last night to the camera.

In the tonight episode Mandana will be asking questions to everyone and interestingly the power of nomination was there in her hands literally. About Mandana’s comeback “Bigg Boss” tweeted, “@manizhe is back in the house! Will the secret room task change her attitude” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9).

Let see how nomination will be taking place tonight anyway. Also Aman Verma will be teaching some basic etiquette to Rishabh who literally need it as per Aman. About it “Bigg Boss” tweeted, “A brawl over a towel! @AmanYatanVerma teaches basic etiquette to #RishabhSinha tonight! #BB9” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9).

All contestants are Nominated from Bigg Boss 9 house except Prince and Rochelle.

bigg boss 9 day 39

“The gloves are off tonight! A major battle between @princenarula88 & #RishabhSinha. #BB9” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9)

“Bigg Boss” tweeted again, means a serious kind of ugly spat will be taking place between Prince and Rishabh in which both lads will be screaming and both will be raising their voice. So don’t forget to catch the episode of “Bigg Boss 9”.