(BBK4) Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 26th October 2016 Hd Video Who Wins Night Shift Task!

(BBK4) Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 26th October 2016 Hd Video Who Wins Night Shift Task! :- The reality TV show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 is now yet to showcases the special task Night Shift Task of the Day 16 in the house where the inmates need to stay awake for the task as per the command is given by Bigg Boss where somehow Pratham offend Om Prakash as both of them stay awake on the night shift of the task.


The resident night watchman of Bigg Boss, Rehman, updates us about all the happenings from day 16. During a casual discussion, Pratham offends Om Prakash by asking a personal question about his movie. The battle to reclaim possession of the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom begins.

Will the men emerge victoriously or will the women claim control of the house it is yet to clear? It is Pratham and Om Prakash was engaged in the normal discussion but due to Pratham dare to asked him about his movies and career, Om Prakash just lashes out at Pratham as Om Prakash thinks that it is Pratham is dare to ask him about his personal life.

The argument turn into an ugly spat as Pratham put allegations on Om Prakash that due to he is not getting proper opportunity to showcases his career that is why now he became frustrated which actually doesn’t like the members of the house as well as Om Prakash.

Another conflict takes place when between men and women of the house regarding the possession issue of the bathroom area, bedroom and all. But this conflict was not as such serious so the issue sorted out eventually and both men and women became friends.

Anyway now the reality TV show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 is impressing superstar of the cinema along with the common public as last weekend we saw in the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss, Real Star Upendra, who was the special guest on Sunday’s episode, spoke philosophically about the show. The actor compared the show to the real life.

He arrived here to promote his forthcoming movie Mukunda Murari to have some gala time here on the show. He said about the show that, “God is the Bigg Boss. Everyone has to do the task given by him if we fail to do the task we cannot move forward in the life. I would have loved to participate in the show, but acting commitments are preventing me from entering the house”.

There were speculations that Upendra might host Bigg Boss season 3, but finally, it was Sudeep who hold the responsibly to host the show anyway.