Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 15th October 2016 Hd Video Vanisri Eliminated

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 15th October 2016 Hd Video Vanisri Eliminated! :- The TV reality shows Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 is tonight raising question that who will get eliminated from the show. The nominated participants of the show are Pratham, Vanisri, Sanjana, Bhuvan and it is yet to reveal who will be saying goodbye to the show. Among these participants’ Pratham is the most popular.


Now the stage is set for the first elimination on Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. Pratham, Vanisri, Sanjana Chidanand and Bhuvan Ponappa are in the danger zone in the opening week of the Sudeep’s show.

The nomination process was held on the second day after their arrival in the house. In the nomination process, Pratham, Vanisri, Sanjana Chidanand and Bhuvan Ponappa got the maximum votes along with Dodda Ganesh.

Though captain Kirik Keerthi got a special power to save one contestant among the five and he suggested Dodda Ganesh’s name. “I assume people nominated him as he is not from the entertainment industry. So, we need to give him some more time to settle down here. Hence, I am saving him,” Keerthi stated to the Bigg Boss for giving him a chance to stay in the house.

Coming to the other nominees, Pratham, Vanisri, Sanjana Chidanand and Bhuvan Ponappa have not got many opportunities to show off their skills. If we go by the buzz on social media sites, either Pratham or Vanisri would be shown the door this week but Pratham can’t leave the show on the first week as his popularity is massive.

But still Vanisri is also popular and Pratham’s unpredictable behavior seems to have not gone down well with the fans of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. As a result, some of the fans consider him to leave the house ASAP.

“He is a common enemy for 14 other contestants. His stay will only make other contestants stay united and target him. And they will not open up until he is out. So, he should be eliminated this week,” writes a Bigg Boss fan on the social site so may be Pratham can leave the show tonight.

However, some others opine that Vanisri and Sanjana may not have much to offer. So, one among the two should be out from the Sudeep TV reality show. Well, taking the netizens’ response into consideration, it looks like Bhuvan is most likely to be safe in the first week as they praised him on the social site anyway.

The first week of Kannada Bigg Boss season 4 has witnessed massive of drama, one of the highlights is the unconventional behavior of director Pratham, which has made viewers call him as second Huccha Venkat on social networking websites. He also had heated arguments with Kirik Keerthi which doesn’t like the fans of the show.