Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 5 21st October 2016 Written Updates: Karan Mehra & Priyanka Jagga Cry

Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 5 21st October 2016 Written Updates :- The reality TV show Bigg Boss Season 10 is now having the two hour Maha episode on Day 4 which aired on the last night. The last night reality TV show Bigg Boss Season 10 shows ‘inauguration’ of the much-dreaded jail, which is very regularly part of the show.


In the last night episode the 2 inmates – Om Swami and celebrity contestant Mona Lisa, who were put behind bars as they were did some kind of mistakes.

While the celebrities continue to be the ‘Sevaks’ and commoners are the ‘Maliks’, but after the luxury budget task it is the commoners failed in the task called ‘Raaz’ which actually turned the tables. For the uninitiated, in the first luxury task, the celebs had to match dark secrets with relevant commoners, but due to celebs failed to do so, that is why now the commoners became ‘Sevak’ and the celebrities became ‘Malik’.

The previous night, Priyanka Jagga had made it difficult for the celebrities by provoking Om Swami by ordering to make food in the midnight, and on Day 4 she decided to trouble the celebs again by asking them to bring water for her.

The Celebrity contestant Rohan Mehra, who takes the water for her and places it right in front of her face, accidentally spills it on her. It’s not surprising that a dramatic Priyanka is created havoc in the house for this silly mistake of the Rohan. (BB10) Bigg Boss 10 Slaves To Change Fight Hd Video

Since Rohan and Priyanka have been at loggerheads for some time, they just get into an ugly spat which actually creates huge noise in the house. Priyanka lashes out at Rohan by saying: “Main tujhe tab se jaanti hu jabse tu zero tha. Tu kaunsi gaadi se aata tha, kin logon ke saath ghoomta tha. Tune ek baar inhe nahi kaha, meri family ko jaanta hai. Apne aap ko bada star samajhta hai, zero hai tu. (I know you since the time you were zero. I know who your friends were. You never felt the need to tell these guys (housemates) that you knew my family. You think you are a star? You are a zero.)”.

Priyanka, who has earned a reputation of picking fights unnecessarily, now just go crazy which not only annoyed Rohan and his team, it is in fact her own team feels embarrassment for her stupid silly fight. This hurts Rohan and he literally broken down in tears.

He is consoled by his teammate and co-star from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Karan Mehra. Rohan is also heard telling Karan that he had just met Priyanka in Delhi for just about 20 minutes in a party. He’s upset as Priyanka dare to drag his family in this conflict. May be Priyanka for one time sees Rohan and she claimed to be know him which doesn’t like by Rohan.

Subsequently, Priyanka sends Rohan to jail and thus a person from the celebrity team reached to the jail for the first time. But Priyanka soon releases him after other housemates ask her to do so to display that she is a large hearted person. In fact, at one point, she tells her teammates that she’s been showing this ‘behaviour’ only for the tasks other than she is having nothing with Rohan.

Om Swami and Priyanka having good rapport in the house and Rohan and Priayanka also sorted out their issue. Manoj Punjabi was one of the arrogant members of the house but from the last 2-3 days he remains calm in the house. Later in the day, Bigg Boss reveals that two housemates will end up in the dungeon in the cooking luxury task. The contestants will nominate the weakest performers from both the groups — celebrities and Indiawale — and then they would be put in the jail until Bigg Boss or Salman Khan decides to free them.

Bigg Boss asks both the teams to select one person from their respective teams to send to jail. Mona Lisa and Om Swami are put behind the bars after a huge discussion between the housemates’.


Priyanka, who is always craving for attention, does not fast for Karva Chauth (wherein wives keep a fast for their husband’s long lives) but decides to do the Puja for her husband and family. When Priyanka do the Karwa Chauth Puja in the garden and she was dressed up like a bride, she faces the camera and chants some mantras for her husband and family. Om Swami helps her with the mantra but Mona Lisa dare to chats with Lopamudra and Rohan that Priyanka need do the Puja in front of the moon by seeing it instead of the camera.

When Priyanka tells them to keep quiet as she was getting disturbed, they said that Priyanka is doing just drama to do the Puja in front of camera. Afterward a massive spat took place between Priyanka and Mona Lisa where Manveer comes in Priyanka’s defense, while Bani and Karan support Mona Lisa. The two groups have a major showdown and eventually Priyanka moves to the bathroom by shouting and doing blabbering.

The entire house is now engaged in fight and Mona Lisa broken down in tears. Between all the nastiness and fights going on in the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka and Karan get a surprise when Bigg Boss present them a special Karwa Chauth gifts. They are gifted a picture of their life partners and some sweets, both of them then just go emotional.

Earlier, during the day Karan had revealed how he has kept Karva Chauth fast for his wife Nisha and on seeing this entire house just go impressed with him and praised him. Karan also said he actually doing this from the beginning of his wedding.

Meanwhile, the celebrities could see their fortune changing from Day 5 as Bigg Boss feels that the commoners have broken some rules for that perhaps the celebrities ‘Sevak’ will be turn to be ‘Malik’ where areas the commoners will be turn to be ‘Sevak’ for the celebrities who are just turn to be the ‘Malika’.