Bihaan and Thapki dance together! Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” starts with Shraddha smiling seeing Dhruv. She coughs to get Dhruv’s attention and Dhruv rushes to her in order to take care of her. Vasundara also smiles and praise Shraddha.

Bihaan and Thapki dance together! Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Shraddha thinks I like this attention I am getting because of my fake pregnancy. Thapki comes there and asks Shraddha not to eat this salad and light food in pregnancy, you should eat healthy food. Shraddha said I need to maintain my figure, but Preeti said I know you want to look fit and fine but in order to become mother, you have to loos your figure. And Suman bring Ajwain Ka Laddoos and healthy Halwa and make Shraddha eat that despite Shraddha was in no mood to eat so.

Vasu wants Dhruv to accept Shraddha and she also said to Dhruv that she is going to mother of you son, so now your relationship with her is strengthen. Shraddha is also being sceptical about her figure and Thapki is sceptical about Shraddha’s pregnancy. In the mean time, while having lunch with the entire family, Bihaan insulted Thapki when Thapki was about to serve him food.

Dhruv said to Vasu that Shraddha is my present and I have to spend my entire life with this present which is yet painful for me and Dhruv leaved. Vasu cries afterward as this is happened with Dhruv because of the Vasu herself.

In the mean time, Thapki wrote sorry in a board and try to show it to Bihaan but Bihaan throws the board. Thapki write sorry so many times for Bihaan but Bihaan stay unaffected with this. Thapki asked Bihaan to forgive her last time, from now onward she will never commit any mistake.

Thapki have an eye lock with Bihaan now but Bihaan throws a vase and asks her to join it. He says you broke my heart like the way I break this vase. I loved you actually and dreamt to make you mine. Even I fought with my family for you, but it was hurtful for me when I realised that you was busy making me fool.

Thapki cries and Bihaan said now I will never call you, “Chhukh Chhukh Gaadi”, as now you are nothing to me. Thapki asked Bihaan to stay with her but Bihaan said just leave me ASAP. Thapki sees the room and recalls Bihaan. Bihaan goes out and thinks about her. Hamari Adhuri kahani……………plays……………

Precap: Bihaan and Thapki dance in front of everyone on song and Bihaan pulls her roughly.