Bihaan gets angry! Thapki Pyar Ki 16th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Bihaan gets angry! Thapki Pyar Ki 16th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Thapki Pyar Ki begins with Bau Ji is at the home and everyone was present there to take care of Bau Ji. Bihaan was about to entering in the room but Vasundhra stopped him. Bihaan cries and feel bad for the same and Thapki consoles him.



Thapki Pyar Ki Today Episode Written Updates

Bihaan told to Thapki that he will stay out and watch Bua Ji from outside. These words makes Thapki cries and she embraces Bihaan after giving her consoles. Now the women arrive in the house and they started saying about Bau Ji that most of the people never comeback from the Coma in fact they died there.

Dadi Maa cries with Bihaan feels bad and he wanted to raise his voice against the ladies but eventually he manage to control his anger. Now Thapki came to the ladies and asked them that, ‘I know I am younger than you but I know the person who will be coming back from Coma, he is our Bau Ji’.

The ladies blessed Thapki and leaved. Now Thapki had been seen standing in the balcony and eventually join her and Dhruv had been seen asking to her that why she is hearing standing and also Dhruv asked to her that why she is doing so.

Thapki said that I know Bihaan is innocent and I will proofs the same. Bihaan said that I will be also helping you too collects the proofs, Bihaan was co-incidentally there and he listen that, Dhruv said I will collects the proofs to showcase that Bihaan is culprit and your opinion about him is wrong.

Bihaan got hurts on seeing so and looks at the Thapki but Thapki had been seen giving consoles to him. Bihaan somehow successfully managed himself.

Precap: Dhruv ask Thapki what help she need. Thapki says to Dhruv that she wants to organise a TV show in order to prove the innocence of Bihaan.