Bihaan gets shocked! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th August 2016 Ep Written Updates

Bihaan gets shocked! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th August 2016 Ep Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series, ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’ started with Thapki arrives in the minister’s house when the minister was busy doing domestic violence with his wife. Thapki hides somewhere and she copies the entire tortures by the minister to his wife in a chip by doing a recording of the same.

Thapki Pyar Ki Episode Written Updates

Thapki Pyar Ki Episode Written Updates

TPK Thapki Pyar Ki 24th August 2016 Episode

Minister catches Thapki and asked to her you was suppose to come here in the evening then why you come in noon, Thapki said as I was keen to take your interview as soon as possible. Minister asked to her okay then sits and let’s starts the interview.

He asked to Thapki but let me know you were here from morning so you did not see anything hope. Thapki asked to minister how you can practice domestic violence on your wife, Minister asked to Thapki that stay part from my life and homely matters.

He also warned Thapki to do not spoil his good images which he is having in the outside. Thapki is fishy to see Miniter’s wife is wounded. And Minister asked her wife to go.

In the garden minister’s wife denied her from reveal the real identity of minister but Thapki explain to the Minister’s wife it is even crime to bear crime and she also asked his wife to decides image of her husband she keen to reveal false or real.

She also asked Minister’s wife to inform the same to her via phone. Bihaan and Vasu decided to do drama of Jashoda and Krishna. Koshi feels bad to see Bihaan’s chemistry with Vasu. Thapki get a locket in which she shocked to see meanwhile, Bihaan and Koshi’s images.

Both Bihaan and Vasu perform drama of Krishna and Jashoda in the Janmashthami where Bihaan asked to Vasu with teary eyes that he want her to be his Devki Maiyaa in his next birth. Bihaan said that in next birth he wishes to come in this world via Vasu’s womb. Vasu go emotional after hearing so.

Now Bihaan asked Vasu you are my Jashoda Maa in the drama of Janmashthami then who is my Devki Maa and they see that Koshi is coming in her Devki Avatar. Everybody is shocked to see Koshi in the drama as she was not supposed to be part of drama. Thapki looks on.