Bihar 19 Year Old Boy Killed by Politician Manorama Devi’s Son for ‘Overtaking’

Bihar 19 Year Old Boy Killed by Politician Manorama Devi’s Son for ‘Overtaking’ :- Crime rate issues begin in Bihar after RJD and JDU came in power. After the murders of engineers in Bihar now a new case of bossing came to all of us. Late night Aditya named boy was traveling with their friends in the car.


As the reports said, that he tried to overtake a car in that time. Rocky was in the another car. Rocky is the son of a politician. He fired from his pistol and then Aditya was dead in that spot. Rocky allegedly shot Aditya from his pistol. Rocky’s mother is a current JDU MLA in Bihar.

According to reports, Aditya friends stated that they all were trying to overtake an accused car and then suddenly Rocky fired on them from his pistol. He also added that one of the defendants was in the Commander’s dress.

Bindi Yadav was picked in this case by Rampur Police.Police interrogated with him. Bindi Yadav is the father of accused and husband of Manorama Devi. Bindi Yadav said that those boys tried to overtake my son’s car and then beat him very severely, and hen my son took his pistol out and shot by mistake in his defense.

And the boys were drunk in another car. According to Yadav, the trigger of piston accidently fired and killed Aditya.
Well, Police is looking for his son Rocky who is the main accused, and as sourced said, he is escaping from police.

So many peoples jam the roads against this issue. They want a proper action by police against Rocky.

Some of the JDU leaders stated that if his son is the accused in this case, then appropriate action should be taken by Police and JDU Party will also take actions against MLA Manorama Devi.

Well, now we all already understand about the “Jangalraaj.” Nitish Kumar should look into this matter and should try to polish the security arrangements in Bihar.