Bihar Board 2016 Class 12th 14 Toppers Re-exam On 3 June

Bihar board conducted the 12th class exams in the month of March. Bihar board listed the name of the toppers of the Bihar Board. But now Bihar board asked to recheck the copies of these toppers.


In an interview, one of the toppers was asked about the subject, and he was unable to tell the name of the subjects. Their video has viral on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere. So now Bihar Board finally announced asked for the rechecking of their papers.

One of the students was asked about the meaning and study of political science she replied and said that political science is about cooking. It’s shocking but true. The 14 students in India’s Bihar state were said again amid.

A local media aired this report and Government has come into action. They were asked to recheck their papers. But it’s thought to concern that how could they come top? They don’t even know about their subjects and the studies.

The full report and answer will come after the rechecking of their papers. The videos have highlighted their poor knowledge in the subjects which they had excelled.

The government should take any action against them and look into this matter and tried to examine the education system in Bihar. Many of students worked very hard to score good marks and hope for good marks.

But they couldn’t reach at the top level because these types of students. Well, the video shows the education system and their rules in Bihar. They should look into this matter. We have seen some videos where students and their parents were caught on camera.

A topper of science student said a media reporter that Aluminium is the most reactive element in the periodic table.
The video highlighted the growing problem of cheating in Bihar. , Bihar’s education minister assured everyone that they will probe into this matter.