Bihar Flood: A woman, Child meets with death and fall down!

Bihar Flood: A woman, Child meets with death and fall down! :- Bihar Flood: As you, all know that right now nothing is going well for the people of Bihar who struggling with the flood. As per the reports, the whole Bihar’s villages are surfing because of flood and some of them are in very critical condition. You can say that people are trying to survive when the flood is so deep and taking a lot of lives. As per the local reports, more than 100 people are died in Bihar because of this flood. The bridge was the only route across the river Kosi and the video shows families taking turns to run across the rapidly deteriorating bridge as the heavy waters surged below and undercut its foundation.

Sources are saying that in upcoming days the situation is not going to be in under control because still, the raining on some north area is creating the problem for the people. As per the reports, a village which connected by a bridge fall down and women and a child fell into the fast flowing river in Bihar, which borders Nepal. The source is saying that during the crossing of the bridge one man, women and a child trying to go other side but suddenly the bridge falls down and the women and child got died.

A woman, Child meets with death and fall down!

On the other hand, the man survived because he was just near of the edge. Also, the whole crowd was them and some of them are making a video of this incident. Also, the reports are coming that the whole incident is recorded by a man who was just there and seeing the people crossing the bridge. Investigations are saying that the bridge was very weak and about to fall but still people are trying to go here and there on that.