Bihar: Indian Medical Health Society announces 1-day strike today

Bihar: Indian Medical Health Society announces 1-day strike today : The crimes in Bihar is consistently on a rise and it’s become common when we hear about the murder of Doctors and Engineers in it.


But, now it looks like the Doctors of the Bihar has decided to stop this madness as they joined hands with all the doctors of the state and are standing together to protest against the intense murders of medical persons in Bihar.

The latest new is coming out that Indian Medical Ass’n & State Health Society announce the one-day strike in Bihar to protest against the killing and attack on the medical representatives of Bihar.

Although Health Society also announced that they will be ready to handle any emergency situation, if came and no patients with the serious problem will suffer.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the crimes in the Bihar have increased since the return of the party of Lalu Yadav and Nitesh Kumar. Other political parties are consistent blaming  Nitesh and Lalu for the all these miss happening in Bihar.

Even, BJP leaders have declared that “Gunda Raaz” has returned in Bihar, along with the return of Nitesh and Lalu. However, Nitesh and Lalu always see defending them and their party and they put the blame on other parties and call all these incidents as the conspiracy of oppositions.

Well, whether it is a conspiracy or Gunda Raaj, but the facts is a lot of Engineers and Doctors are leaving under the shed of fear in Bihar and they are feeling them unsafe even in their own houses.

Bihar government need to take a stand to stop all this madness.