Bihar Labourer Tonsured, Beaten Up For Raping, Impregnating Uttarakhand Woman

Bihar labourer tonsured, beaten up for raping, impregnating Uttarakhand woman. A laborer hailing from Bihar faced physical assault and public humiliation by residents in Tehri district on allegations of impregnating a girl. The individual accused of the offense is presently in the custody of the judiciary. Local residents in Tehri district took extreme measures, including tonsuring, blackening the face, and physically assaulting a laborer from Bihar, accusing him of impregnating a girl from a different community, as per the police report on Monday. The accused, Dil Jafar (23), originally from Kishanganj district in Bihar, was apprehended on Sunday and subsequently remanded to judicial custody for a period of 14 days, according to Senior Superintendent Of Police Navneet Singh Bhullar.

Bihar Labourer Tonsured

The incident has instilled a feeling of unease among fellow migrant laborers. Nevertheless, Bhullar refuted claims of migrant laborers being driven away from the village and its neighboring regions. He emphasized that the situation is currently managed and noted that there is an increased presence of law enforcement patrols in the area. He also made it clear that no one will be permitted to engage in vigilantism. In 2021, Bihar ranked at the top of the list for land dispute-related crimes and was the second-highest in terms of murder cases, following only Uttar Pradesh, according to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Bihar reported 2,799 murder cases in 2021, while Uttar Pradesh had the highest number with 3,825 cases.

Bihar Labourer Tonsured, Beaten Up For Raping

Bihar also led the list in incidents involving attacks on police and government officials, with 150 cases reported. Regarding attempted murder cases, Bihar ranked second with 8,393 cases, trailing behind West Bengal with 13,351 cases. The state also had the highest number of rioting cases (6,298), including 51 communal or religious riots, with Maharashtra coming second with 8,709 cases. In dowry-related cases, Bihar was ranked second with 3,367 cases, following Uttar Pradesh. Tragically, Bihar saw the deaths of 1,000 women due to dowry issues, compared to 2,222 cases in Uttar Pradesh. In cases involving atrocities against Dalits, Bihar holds the fourth position with 5,842 reported cases.

Regarding crimes against women, Bihar ranks second with 3,400 cases, trailing only behind Uttar Pradesh, which reported 4,642 cases. In cases related to cybercrime, however, Bihar is positioned at the 13th spot, with Rajasthan taking the lead. The state is ranked 21st in cases of assault on women with the intent to outrage her modesty. Data shows that Bihar recorded 6,589 cases of women being kidnapped for ransom or to force them into marriage, with Uttar Pradesh having the highest number at 8,599 cases. Bihar also comes in second in ATM-related fraud cases with 557 reported incidents, with Rajasthan topping the list with 741 cases.

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