Bihar: Newly Married Woman Leaves Husband after in-laws Object to her FB, Instagram Addiction

The news that we are sharing is quite alarming and is indicating a sensitive issue that must be taken into account. The news that is surfacing on the news channels is from Bihar. The news is gaining the attention of the people. The strange news is about a newlywed woman who left her husband for her love of mobile phones. Yes, viewers, it must be seeming funny at first glance but also reveals the new addiction that is overpowering the youth. The youngsters are so passionate about their mobile phones and media visibility that is reflected in the friction of the relationships. Be with us to know about the recent happenings that have been sourced from Bihar. Scroll down.

Newly Married Woman

The strange news is from Hajipur of Bihar. The news is surfacing everywhere as a woman who was married just fifteen days ago has decided to leave her In-law’s house. The news is unusual as the marriage rituals were still ongoing and the young bride got annoyed by the objections of the inlaws and husband and decided to leave her In law’s house. The woman has been identified as Saba Khatoon. It has been reported that she got married to lliyaas around fifteen days ago.

Newly Married Woman in Bihar Leaves Husband

The In-law’s family members were irritated by her Facebook and Instagram addiction. They told the police that she was addicted to that level and that for 24 hours she was busy with social media. Her husband tried to make her understand but she was conflicted with him. In the two weeks, the argument was hyped up as IIiyaas objected to her constant usage of her mobile phone. She complained to her brother about the frequent objections from In Law’s family members. The conflict rose when Saba’s brother aimed a revolver at IIiyaas.

The scuffle rose so much that the police has to interfere and asked the family to accompany them to the police station. Saba’s mother on the other hand alleged that Saba’s In Law snatched her mobile phone and did not allow her to speak to the family. Saba’s brother was arrested for threatening brother in law. At the police station, the newlywed bride spoke up that she wants to be separated from her husband as she is unwilling to give up her phone. The incident has alarmed people about Facebook and Instagram addiction as the people are reacting to the matter and expressing their views on tweeter. Some posted their views that there should be social awareness that truely the social media addiction is ruing the families. Stay tuned.

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