Bihar Shelter Home was an operation theater for forced abortions

Bihar Shelter Home was an operation theater for forced abortions: Well, one of the biggest news of the year is maybe coming out from the Bihar’s Shelter home. Reports are confirming that many skeletons are found from a shelter house’s closet as the case of serial rapes of girls at a shelter home in Muzaffarpur gets murkie. Reports are confirming that the Bihar Police, which initially carried out investigations in the case, had submitted a charge sheet in the POCSO court on July 28. Overall, now the CBI took over the case and they did file an FIR against this whole thing.

Reports are coming that the shocking details are coming up from the 16-page charge sheet.  Also, the charge sheet confirmed that one of the rooms in the shelter home was like an operation theatre where forceful abortions were carried out if the girls became pregnant. Yes! You are reading it right public prosecutor Sangita Sahni said that the shelter home ran as a brothel. Also, she added that “When the girls became pregnant after sexual exploitation, they were forced to abort in this operation theatre in the shelter home.”

Some reports are coming that the charge sheet has statements of 32 victims which mentioned 67 types of drugs that were recovered from the shelter home along with syringes. Also, you all may know that epilepsy injections also found in the shelter home which was used to drug the girls and then rape them. The charge sheet mentions that there were three persons who the victims have spoken about in length.

Also, the victims are saying that there was a “tond wale netaji, moonch wale uncle and hunterwale uncle” who used to exploit them. Also, the reports are coming that the police has arrested the shelter home’s owner Brajesh Thakur in an order of the first suspect which is later identified by the victim. It is not clear who are the other two persons the girls have spoken about. The girls said they were often asked to sleep naked at night and the shelter’s women staff would also sexually exploit them.