Bikash Baruah Death Reason Died Teacher and Cultural Activist Passed Away in Demow

This morning breaking and shocking news is that the talented and hardworking Teacher and Cultural activist named Bikash Baruah passed away at the age of 56 years old. The actual and real cause of his death is stated by his family members and colleagues, the news of his death gives them a huge and serious shock and they are still in a shocking state and can’t believe that he is no more with them. They stated him as the prettiest and loving soul and spirit who is always fond of love and help each other and also he is a very down to earth person. The fans and supporters of the actor and cultural activity get stunned after hearing the news of his death and for his peaceful soul and spirit, they started giving him tribute and homage through many mediums and pray from the god. The colleague who knows him personally also pay homage and respect to him for his peaceful soul.

pandemic for which he tested positive and this is the reason which took his life and he left the world at the age of 56

Talking about who was Bikash Baruah, then he was one of the most popular cultural activists, actors and social workers who was a resident of Jhanji Jaradhara village and was the subject teacher in the school named Deoraja People’s HS School which is in Sivasagar district. In his entire life, he served himself in many careers such as teacher, actor, social worker along with many more and becomes the most beloved person of his district and everyone loves him a lot.

Bikash Baruah Death Reason

Bikash Baruah Cause of Death is stated to be the ongoing pandemic for which he tested positive and this is the reason which took his life and he left the world at the age of 56 years old. After tested positive for the pandemic, he was admitted to the Sukafa Multinational Super-specialty Hospital in Rajabari. He was found positive on 13th September and from that time he was in the hospital under the supervision of several doctors and later, after serious treatment he was found negative for the pandemic but later, he took his last breath at the hospital because of the post-pandemic complications.

After the news of his death goes viral on the internet many people from all areas assembled at his home to pay homage to him and as per the statement of his family members, before the cremation of his body, his body is held for a tribute function was carried in which the principal of the school named Bikash Chalia pays tribute and respect to him. Behind him, he left his wife, a daughter, and a host of relatives. Stay tuned with us.

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