Bill Cosby “The Comedian” Admitted He Obtained Drugs For Physically Assaulting Women’s

Bill Cosby “The Comedian” Admitted He Obtained Drugs For Physically Assaulting Women’s : The Famous Comedian Bill Cosby Recently Admitted, That He Obtained Quaalude’s For Physically Assaulting Women’s in Year 2005. Bill Cosby was Born on 12 July,1937 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. He is a Famous American Stand Up Comedian, actor, as well as author. He also Known as “William Henry ‘bill’ Cosby”. He starts his Career in Earlier 60’s as a Stand Up Comedian,In 60’s Famous Television Show “I spy” he Marked his presence in back to Back Seasons. He became Famous From His Animated Comedy Television Show “Fat Albert & Cosby Kids” that Show was created,produced & Hosted By Him.this show successfully rans between 1972 to 1985 & made him a star between the kids.

Bill Cosby “The Comedian” Admitted He Obtained Drugs

In Earlier 80’s,He Produced an another Show called “The Cosby Show”.That Show was the No.1 Show Of America For Consecutive 5 Years.The Show Touches the Height Of sky between the years 1984 To 1999,made him a Real Star.He Also Produced and Directed Lots Of Another Shows,which Marked The Real Success.

The Shows Of Bill Cosby :

1.I Spy
2.The Electric Company
3.Fat Albert & Cosby Kids
4.The Cosby Show
5.Kids Say Darnedest Things



But During His Successful Career a Lots Of Controversies Follows Him. He was Accused by Multiple Women’s in physically assault. He has been accused by more than 40 women’s in Physically Assault, but He always Denied These Charges and Was never Criminally Charged by Law.

But Now According To Some Court Evidences Bill Cosby Was Admitted In 2005 That He Obtained Quaalude For Physically Assaulting Young Women’s. The Full Matter Comes On Screen When Janice Dickinson Sue Cosby For Defamation
During court Proceedings.

Bill Cosby Obtained Drugs For Physically Assaulting Women’s

Bill Cosby Admitted That he Gave Three and Half Pills Of Benadryl to The Former Temple University Employee For Made Her Agree For Physical Relation with him, During The proceeding The Plaintiff Attorney asked to Cosby That “When you got the Quaalude’s, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaalude’s for young women that you wanted to have Physical Relation with?” Bill Cosby Said “Yes”.

Recently The Famous Comedian Has Been Accused By More Than 12 Women’s For Physically Assault,They All Claims That all Of Them Was Physically assaulted By Cosby After Drugged. The Legal Representative of Bill Cosby Gave a Statement To ABC news, He Said “The only reason Mr. Cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue,”.

Now That Is a Heart breaking News For Bill Cosby Fans,But The Truth Always Be Bitter.Lets See What It Leads To?


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