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What to Consider Before Sending a Birth Announcement Card

You’ve already gone through the painful nine months process of carrying your baby. After the long hours of labor, and the nerve-racking moments holding your newborn, you probably are ready to share your little one to the world. Family and friends will be waiting for the announcement of the newborn, and what’s the best way to welcome your little one than to send birth announcement cards?

This guide will breakdown what you should know before sending the card.

Choose Your Recipients Early

Before sending birth announcement cards, you should have a list of people you’ll be sending to. You don’t want a case where you leave out names of important people on your card. The best way to do this is by gathering the names of friends and family. You can still ask your grandparents or parents if they want copies and send that as well.

Your Wording is Important

Whether you choose to have fun or formal style, the point is to get your message across. When it comes to birth announcement card wording, people are interested in your baby’s full names. The other aspects include the baby’s date of birth, length, and weight.

Your baby’s birthplace and time are fun facts, but not important if you have limited space.

Know the Best Time to Send Your Cards

You’ve probably been sharing pictures of your belly bump via social networking sites or email. So, by sending cards, you aren’t providing breaking news to the public. The right time to your cards is when your little one hits six months -The earlier, the better.

Get the Best Shot

Your birth announcement card should have a photo of the baby. Here, you should get creative. You can take the photo yourself if you believe you’ve got the skills. However, most people choose to hire a professional photographer. If that’s out of your budget, there are a few photography tips you may want to consider.

First, browse Pinterest for inspiration on photos you like. Alternatively, put your baby in a white diaper with one accessory (hat, headband, prop) or just a simple outfit before the shot.

The Cards Theme and Design Matter

Your birth announcement cards can be as simple, goofy, or sentimental as you’d like. If you’re running out of ideas on a fun wordplay or theme, there are plenty of great ideas online. Unless you can create a birth notification on your own, you should outsource the design if you want the best results.

There are a lot of custom design services, plus you can easily get a freelancer online to work on it.

Make a Statement with Personalized Birth Announcement Cards

The best thing about sending birth announcement cards is that it makes your baby’s birth fun, exciting, and memorable. When planning to design your card, the announcement should suit your family’s budget and style. This way, you won’t have to strain financially to meet your budgetary needs.

A formal invitation is also a great way for your family and friends to share the moment with you. With the points highlighted in this article, you shouldn’t find it difficult, creating a card design that people will love and appreciate.