Bitfinite – New Crypto Lending Program ICO Review

Bitfinite  Review – The Next Big Thing In Cryptocurrency: – Before investing your money in any project, you should know every possible detail about it. You should look about the key features of the platform. So, here we would like to share the details of Bitfinite ICO. It is an amazing project with the dedicated and active team. It works with a PoW coin & based on the X11 algorithm. You can expect to see this coin to be listed on the following exchanges: Yobit, Cryptopia, Coin exchange & Livecoin. You should be aware that these are uncertain & there is no one who can guarantee the listing of the coin on an exchange. It only depends on how the Bitfinite team conducts themselves during the Initial Coin Offering. It is to be noted that one or two or all of the exchanges listing the BFC coin.

Bitfinite ICO Review , bitfinite lending

Bitfinite ICO Review

Bitfinite Review and Coin Price

Well, I expect the Bitfinite Coin Price or you can say BFC price to be in the $10 to $15 range in the next one month & it’s a 1500% ROI or you can say it’s 15x on your investment. This platform works on decentralized self-regulated blockchain technology. Its transactions occur at very high speed & ensure anonymity. Its total supply is $21,000,000 BFC. Out of the total supply, $5,000,000 BFC is available to the investors in the Initial Coin Offering.  You can gain a lot of benefit by investing here.

Bitfinite ICO – All You Need To Know 

It is quite similar to earlier platforms & it could be seen that the coins will be sold out in 5 stages. Its range can varies from the low end of $0.75 to the higher end of $1.15. However, all these things depend on what stage you buy at & to which cost you end up paying. You will be in benefit if you get it as early as possible. As soon as you get it, the better & the larger gains you’ll get. I want you to make the most amount of money so fix a reminder in your phone to know when the Bitfinite ICO starts. In the content below, we are going to tell you that how you can get this.

Getting Bitfinite and Understanding the Bitfinite Lending Process

You just have to make a simple account on their website and then make a deposit of BTC as a funding source Then, you are able to buy the coins from their dashboard. ICO will be done in 5 stages. Its starting date is 18th December 2017 & the ending date is 3rd January 2018. After its success, there will be a launch of the internal trading exchange & realize mining pool.

Investment Amount Lending Interest (Upto 45% per month) Principal Return Lending Lock Period
$100 – $1000 Volatility Interest +0.10% After 240 Days >120 Days
$1010 – $5000 Volatility Interest +0.25% After 180 Days      >90 Days
$5010 – $10000 Volatility Interest +0.35% After 150 Days      >75 Days
$10010 – $50000 Volatility Interest +0.40% After 120 Days      >60 Days
$50010 – above Volatility Interest +0.45% After 90 Days      >45 Days


Aims of Bitfinite

It aims to get the given below targets by the end of 2017:

  • Registration starts
  • ICO crowd sale start
  • Ux/Ui/Security Upgrades

It aims to get the given below targets by the end of 2018:

  • Start Lending Platform
  • Release Roadmap for Continued Development
  • Release Mining Pool/Desktop Wallets Release
  • Mobile Wallet Launch (IOS/Android)
  • Launch Market Maker (AI Bot)
  • Launch Lottery Cryptocurrency Platform
  • Internal Exchange Opens
  • ICO Crowd Sale Ends
  • External Exchange Listing
  • Bitfinite Marketplace Launch
  • API Connection for Payment Gate

Unique Nature of Bitfinite Lending and ICO

There is some uniqueness about Bitfinite which you should know. You very well known that they are offering a regular lending platform. Apart from that, they will start two additional projects also.

    • Lottery Crypto platform
    • Crypto Marketplace: They are soon going to introduce a crypto-marketplace. By using this platform, anybody can buy or sell things with the help of cryptocurrencies. It is a positive step.

Bitfinite Final Verdict

This platform deserves your attention as it is quite good & profitable. You can gain a lot from this platform. You can become a leader in the crypto world. You should not miss a chance to invest in the Bitfinite. We can recommend this platform for you to invest your money because it is a great & profitable approach from which you can earn a lot of money.
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