BJP MLC Tunna Pandey Arrested for molestation a minor girl 12 yrs old in Express train

Hajipur: On Sunday, BJP MLC Tunna Ji Pandey from Siwan was arrested by the police in Hajipur. Police arrested him for allegedly molesting a minor girl 12-year-old who was in the Purbanchal Express train.

The victim girl was travelling with her parents from Kolkata to Gorakhpur, when Pandey tried to take her to the bathroom and attempted to molest her.


GRP Hajipur Sanjay Singh said that when Pandey tried to molest her, she was sleeping on the train berth.

But Pandey has denied the charge. He said that he was just taking out my phone charger, did not know whether it was a girl or a boy was sleeping.

The incident happened at the Sarai Station near Hajipur-Muzaffarpur zone. The father of victim, Vijay Prakash Pandey who is a Thailand based businessman was travelling in AC Two-tier AI bogey with wife, daughter and one other family member.

The minor girl was sleeping on her reserved berth whose number is 46. Tunna Ji Pandey was occupying  berth whose number is 43. He came and attempted to molest her. The victim girl woke up and started screaming in fear.

The girl told the GRP Sanjay Singh that Pandey attempted to forcibly kiss her and told her to accompany him to the bathroom. The Father of victim registered an FIR at Gorakhpur Police Station. Pandey was arrested by the police.

Since the girl is a minor, Tunna Ji Pandey has been booked under POCSO. Pandey is an alcohol mafia in Uttar Pradesh. Pandey has a thriving liquor business in Bihar also. But the CM of Bihar banned the liquor after winning the assembly election of Bihar this year. The business of Pandey was not doing well in the state.