Blackberry android handset code named as Rome & Hamburg Specification

Blackberry android handset code named as Rome & Hamburg Specification :- Blackberry started their journey in the android based smart phone market with their offering named “Blackberry Priv”. This handset was unique in terms that it was the blackberry’s first handset to operate on any android platform and in their attempt to do things differently they ended up being a niche in the pool of highly competitive space.

Rome & Hamburg

There are many rumors that suggest that Blackberry has come up with two new android devices and the first one with the code name “Rome” has been listed on the popular GeekBench, a popular benchmarking site. Rome is going to be an inferior model.

Interestingly Blackberry is also working on a higher end variant which has been given the code name of Hamburg and recently it has passed through the US FCC certification office which indicates that not much time is left in the launch of this handset.

Blackberry Rome Specification

Till now no official information has been leaked by the Blackberry’s insiders and whatever information we have has been acquired from Dylan Habkrik who is one of the contributors on the Crackberry’s forum and he has presented the list of these specs solely on the basis of his personal experience. He had his own hands-on time with the prototype of Rome. While having his personal experience with the handset he said that he sense some biometrics under its veil of Rome.

Coming to the specs of Blackberry Rome then it is most probably going to have internal specs similar to that of Priv. It is going to boast a display that will be having a dual curved edge display and on front it will have a “special” hardware button. Chances are that it is going to include 8MP of camera at the front and can have the price as high as $500. There is no absolute figure for the resolution but it is mentioned as crisp.


Blackberry Hamburg Specification

Habrik has seen just the internal device sketches and on the basis of that information he collected that the Hamburg is going to copy the form factor of Z30 and there are possibilities that codename Hamburg might not be that accurate as the Rome in term of its existence.

Images of Hamburg reveal that it is going to measure 146mm x 78mm in dimension with no words on the thickness of the handset. And it is expected that both Rome and Hamburg are going to brag metallic body with punched grill at the top.

Blackberry has given the codename to its handset keeping in mind the convention of major world cities. One thing is confirmed that once Rome or Hamburg will be out there is no way in which company is going to let these names attached to the name of the original handsets.

Earlier this year Chen has commented that the two phones which they will be launching will have one handset with a keyboard while other one is going to be a touch-only handset. So going by the images its look like as if Hamburg is the one which is going to feature touch only interface while Rome will ne quipped with Qwerty keyboard.

Pictures of Rome doesn’t clear the fact that whether Rome will be having a fixed keyboard like Blackberry Bold or slide out panel just like we have seen in Blackberry Priv.

These are not the official images as the company is yet to make the official announcement regarding the same.