Blockbuster! Action Hero Biju 29th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Report

Blockbuster! Action Hero Biju 29th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Report : The latest Tollywood movie Action Hero Biju, which bangs the cinema halls and collection too. Now this movie is at the peak of progress at which this movie a more likely to be for others and also got a best results from audience. The people loves this movie alot all of because fabulous scenes, outstanding hard work of Nivin pauly and a great name of the movie’s cast and crew. And people also buzz more for the album songs’s of this movie.


Action Hero Biju Movie Box Office Collection

Action Hero Biju is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language action crime film directed by Abrid Shine and film starcast Nivin Pauly in the lead role. This is Shine’s second adventurous movie as a director after his debut.

The Movie is totally depend on the real story of An subinspector and textures and postures of this movie is fabulous and peiople also loves it alot and also givesa tremendous response to this movie, movie raises time by time oncinemas and also on box office collection records.

The story of this movie is outstanding and people like the story most because in this story director and scripter are decided to show the bad impact on our corruption and for which people who breaks the laws in different way this movie shows all of the things in his movie. Nivin Pauly took special fighting classes and followed special diets to gain more weight and followed workout regimens, to fit the role of a police officer.

The budget or over all expense of this movie is around 26 crore, which is a lot for a short term action type movie. the first day or opening day box office collection total kamai on worlwide earning of this movie is around 3.73 crore (approx), Action Hero Biju 29th Day Box Office Collection On Worldwide Earning is around 0.97 crore (approx).