Blockbuster! Ghayal Once Again 36th Day Box Office Collection Earning Till Now

Blockbuster! Ghayal Once Again 36th Day Box Office Collection Earning Till Now : Ghayal once again become the great movie for the makers as well as for the audience this movie is great deal for the audience and collected good for the Sunny paaji. Also this movie gave Sunny Paaji another chance to show action after a long time in cinema. This is an awesome deal for the makers in every area.


Ghayal Once Again Movie Box Office Collection

The reason behind the movie success of this movie was lot but some are following.

  • I think the first reason of the huge success of this movie is Sunny Paaji he is coming after a long time in action and he does the action movies so brilliantly.
  • Also this movie has good buzz among the people because this movie is the sequel of “Ghayal” and the previous part of this movie is so good.
  • This movie has the good direction and I think the direction work did by director was awesome also for the action Sunny Paaji brings the Hollywood Director and that’s become a huge positive impact of movie.
  • This movie is scripted well and I think that’s the reason why people still attracting towards this movie. And critics also told a lot positive things about the movie.
  • The way this movie presented by the makers was so good and when this movie didn’t come out anybody didn’t think that this could be the sequel of Ghayal because this movie is doing motivation too.
  •   Well, after a long time this movie came out and people are waiting from long time for this movie.

I think this movie can fulfill the expectation of makers as well as audience because this movie has everything like action, Drama, Emotion and this movie drops some good massages also this movie has some new good young talent and I liked them a lot.

And this movie has received good response from the whole India and collected between 60 Crore and that’s cool earning till now I think this movie is become the blockbuster because this is not that big budget movie and this movie made a profit of 40 Crores and that was good as a maker.