Blue Whale: 7th Class Student Got Rescued by Madurai Police

Blue Whale: 7th Class Student Got Rescued by Madurai Police :- Well, you all know that how Blue whale game is taking lives of teenagers and people are dying because of this stupid game. You all know that even in India, this game took a lot of lives and now another news is coming out from the Madurai where the 7th class student got rescued by the police from immersing himself in the dangerous online ‘Blue Whale’ game. A per the reports, A seventh standard student from a Government school near Madurai was about to immerse himself.

The source is saying that everyone noticed this incident when his classmate found him drawing the whale image on his hand with a geometry compass, as a first date. Well, according to Mr. Charles, Peraiyur DSP, the student had alerted the teacher who immediately contacted the Sedapatti police on Thursday. The police rescued the boy and helped him walk out of the game through counseling.

7th Class Student Got Rescued by Madurai Police

The teacher approached the police in view of the campaign being carried by the police among students and teachers in the school recently to look out for public signs of the student playing the game. The DSP said that the student, aged 12, was living with his grandparents at Perungamanallur. Also, the reports are saying that his parents were working at a snacks unit in Odisha. Also, the reports are saying that when the boy visited his relative’s house on August 26, he download the game using his uncle’s Android mobile phone.

“He first played an introductory treasure hunt game and succeeded in it. He was then instructed to search the precious object using a helicopter in the game,” said the DSP. When the boy visited his uncle in the subsequent week, the curator of the game directed him to register for the game. “He was instructed to take picture of his eyes and post it online,” he said. The cyber crime wing of the rural police is examining his mobile phone.