BMC Mumbai offers Rs 30,692 crore budget for 2019-20: Know more about the budget

BMC Mumbai offers Rs 30,692 crore budget for 2019-20: Know more about the budget: On Monday the civil body of Mumbai reserved Rs 4,151 crore for the health as well as Rs 2,074 crore for primary education in addition to assigning funds for a number of infrastructure assignments in its 2019 -20 budget for Rs 30,692-crore in which no added tax has been planned.

BMC Mumbai offers Rs 30,692 crore budget for 2019-20

As compared to the last financial year, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)’s total budget evaluations this year are 12.6 per cent more than the last one. In the year 2018-19, the country’s richest community body had offered a budget of Rs 27,258 crore, which was an upsurge of 8.4 per cent from the 2017-18 financial year’s assessments.

The BMC doesn’t plan any increase in the current taxes and also not some new tax or charges in its budget estimations for FY20. The commissioner of BMC Ajoy Mehta, who offered the budget, said that the civic body has mainly concentrated on significant tasks and projects as well as important areas like health, education, bridges, road and traffic and many others.

The BMC in the year 2016-17 had offered its utmost budget of Rs 37,052 crore. On the other hand, it reduced the budget scope by around Rs 12,000 crore in the following year that is 2017-18 by offering a budget of Rs 25,141 crore and called it “realistic”.

A separate budget of Rs 3,323.64 crore has been offered for 2019-20 for improving services and facilities for carrying out of the Development Plan (DP) 2034.

Ajoy Mehta allocated Rs 4,151 crore for health and Rs 2,074 crore for primary education. If we talk about the expenditure of the budget assigned, 13 percent is for health and 7 percent is for primary education out of the total expenditure.

The total number of setting up budget size set upright at Rs 11,946 crore, which is about 48 percent of total revenue. The BMC has separately set the funds for important big projects, comprising coastal road which is of Rs 1,600 crore, Goregaon-Mulund Link Road of Rs 100 crore, waste-to-energy plant at Deonar of Rs 100 crore, cycle track of Rs 120 crore, zoo development works of Rs 110 crore, major and minor repairs of bridges of Rs 108 crore as well as solid waste management of Rs 177 crore.

Further added major projects are extension of KB Bhabha Hospital-Bandra which is of Rs 10 crore, renovation of Bhagwati Hospital of Rs 40 crore and construction of medical college building in Cooper Hospital which will be of Rs 35 crore.

They have also comprises growth of a textile museum which will be of Rs 15 crore, up-gradation of Deonar abattoir of Rs 20 crore, manufacture of Topiwala market of Rs 20 crore, restoration of Sion Hospital premises of Rs 10 crore, setting up of CCTV cameras of Rs 124.30 crore and also the footpath policy of Rs 100 crore.

After presenting the budget, Mehta spoke to media persons and said, “We have focused on development projects for improvement of city’s infrastructure like roads, storm water drains, bridges, solid waste management, water projects as well as to provide basic amenities to Mumbaikars.”