BMW I3 Electric Car With A Facelift And Longer Range in 2017

BMW I3 Electric Car With A Facelift And Longer Range in 2017 :- The German based automobile manufacturing company, BMW has been in the automobile industry and been the brand that everyone looks when it comes to luxuries car. The officials of the company have come up with the brilliant idea of manufacturing the electric cars.According to one of the leading daily of German, the company is looking to work on the electric car for the future prospect. It is believed that the company will come with the facelifted version of its current i3 electric in 2017.The reports suggest that the new version of BMW i3 will have t a new front and back design and will come with the new battery that will enhance the the range of the car past 300km and improve the car performance.


It has 33.0 kWh capacity with the same external pack dimensions as the 22.0 kWh one. The new batter will be heavyweight, and the energy consumption cuts down to 27 kWh per 100 miles. Meanwhile, the weight of the updated version of i3 will be raised from 100 pounds to 2961 pounds

However, the experts believe that BMW has already updated the i3 model in some of the market and now, maybe they will be working on the last trial of the vehicle.

The price of updated version of BMW i3 will be only revealed before the actual release date of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the updated version of the i3 will bring the perfect neck to neck competition with the electric cars of its competitors like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.