Boc Clash : Teraa Surroor vs Global Baba 6th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning

Boc Clash : Teraa Surroor vs Global Baba 6th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning : Well, this last Friday Bollywood came up with two good release and both of these movies has average buzz among the people I am not telling that these movies has good buzz because of the decent opening and decent collection on very first day .


Teraa Surroor vs Global Baba Movie Box Office Collection

After a long time Himesh Reshammiya came up with a good movie and people loving this movie and the reason behind the good going of Teraa Surroor is this movie is the sequel of “AP Ka Surroor” and that movie is the only blockbuster in Himesh Reshammiya’s entire life.

And on the other hand Global Baba is something that Indian people feeling inside this movie is all about the corruption of Baba’s in India this movie has good story plot and both of these actors looking good in their acting and that’s so cool.

Teraa Surroor Box office collection till now –

First day collection of this movie is very low movie opened with decent opening and collected decent bucks for the makers. This movie opened with the occupancy of 15% or 20% and that’s very low if I see as a maker but on other hand this is the good opening for Himesh.

Movie collected between Rs 1.56 Crore in the very first day of release and after that day movie pick up bit better speed and earned 2.09 Crore and that’s cool for the makers. The reason people not attract towards this movie in first day is they don’t want to watch this movie directly first they want to hear other people because they can’t trust Himesh directly because of his last releases.

This movie collected between 6.84 Crore from the first weekend and that’s cool also this movie is going bit low but I think that is good for the makers because this movie doing way better business than other recent releases of Himesh.

Global Baba Box Office collection till now –

Global Baba is going decent not that good and the reason is this movie has not that big names and faces but the way this movie is going with that decent qualities is good.

This movie collected between Rs 2.3 Crore in first day and that’s cool because this movie has not that big name and that type of movie usually got nothing but this movie did something and the reason behind this is the strong story and the acting.

This movie did well business in very 2nd day and collected between 1.56 Crore and that’s not good but I am sure that in upcoming weekend this movie is going to make good profit for the makers and this is pretty cool.

3rd day prediction collection of this movie is that this movie is going to collect between 2.00 Crore and that’s going to be good deal for the makers in upcoming days. Also this movie collected between 5.86 till now and that’s not that bad