Bollywood Love Shagun Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop

Bollywood Love Shagun Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop : Love Shagun is latest Indian romantic comedy Bollywood movie direct by Saandesh Nayak and produced by Isha Nayak, featuring Anuj Sachdeva, Nidhi Subbaiah, Vikram Kochhar, Manit Joura, Taran Bajaj, Shamin Mannan and Simpy Singh in the main lead role. This movie set to release worldwide in 26 February 2016. If we talk about the buzz related movie between the audiences then we can say that movie has not that big impact like other Bollywood movie and the reason is clear because this movie has not big name like other Bollywood movie.


Love Shagun Movie Review & Rating

Well, this movie is so good if you want to see new faces on the screen and you are tired of seeing the same old faces also this movie has a comedy-romantic genera and that’s pretty awesome because now days people want to see that type of genera people love that. Also these movies shoot in different-2 places like Goa, Mumbai and Bhopal also a wedding song is shoot in Madh Island. This is a full package of entertainment and you can watch this movie for your mind change.

Story based on-

This movie is not that big budget movie like others and having a good and simple story plot. JD a young man who is in an important stage of life called married he wanted to do marry like other do when they came up in this stage of life also he is facing lot of problems like one of a persistent pressure of marriage from his mother and second of the astrological predictions surrounding them.

Somehow he survive with this common problems and fought back with the help of his three friends Sandy, Sumit and Deepak who have their own definitions of love. All three friends try different solutions to get JD’s life sorted and plan to find a girl for him whom he can divorce. JD in the middle follows all the tricks and plans and ends up meeting Tia, a modern and independent girl who follows her own mind.

But much to their surprise, the story unfolds differently and JD finds him in a larger soup than he had imagined and then he fall for Tia and started loving her and then what happen next is a twist and turn of the movie for that you should have to watch this love-comedy movie.

Positive point of the movie-

  • Movie has good story plot that can attract audience.
  • Movie has good direction work.

Negative point of the movie-

  • Movie has poor acting in some few times.
  • Movie is little bit long I think need more editing.


Final verdict- people going to attract towards this movie because this movie has a lot of thing but there’s a lot of other movie coming with this movie and we all know in the end big names won the race.

Directed by : Saandesh Nayak

Produced by : Isha Nayak

Screenplay by : Vivek k.rawat, saandesh nayak

Story by : Saandesh Nayak

Starring : Anuj Sachdeva, Nidhi Subbaiah

Rating : 3/5