Bollywood’s best kept secrets : Richa Chadha Reveals it all

Bollywood’s best kept secrets : Richa Chadha Reveals it all : We all love the glamorous and talented actress Richa Sharma. She is very popular and known for her versatile roles in the movies. Her role in movie Gangs of Wasseypur was the discussed role in the Bollywood.



She made her fan everywhere. We get news about the pressure that she suffered in the Bollywood industry during her struggling period. Richa Sharma talked about her experiences in an interview.

She talked about her struggling days. Richa said that she asked to gain weights then after losing weight. Not only this she was asked to fix her Nose and inflate her lips. According to Richa Chadha, these things led her confidence very down and evaporated.

She also spoke about the eating disorders and some of the industry members too. She shared her ideas at a TedX talks. It’s a platform where people can share their ideas, thoughts and experience that could motivate and inspire others.

Richa found popularity by the unique roles in the movie like unconventional roles in films like Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, Fukrey, Gangs Of Wasseypur and Masaan. According to Richa, she thought she was beautiful intelligent as a child, but when she came in Bollywood, her self-confidence took a beating.

She talked about her role in Sarabjit movie. Richa added that when she was a child, she thought she is charming and confidence and when she became an actor she felt her confidence evaporate. When we started, working, We deal with rejections on many levels in our life.

She shared some secrets of her life she said that she was told by someone to gain her weight than lose weight and inflate my lips, get a b**b job, lose the puppy fat, fix my nose. Richan was asked to run in heels. But she did not disclose the names of the directors.