Border Crash Today Fatal border closure truck crash inquiry stalled

Border Crash Today Fatal border closure truck crash inquiry stalled There is a piece of news coming right from the Victorian border of the South Australia of an accident. According to the news, it was a fatal truck crash in the incident. The police of South Australia is considering the case to be of such a level that they are saying that the commissioner level inquiry will not take place by the time Victorian Coroner asset whether to hold an inquest. If we talk about the accident, it included the death of one named Steven Lawrie.

Border Crash Today

Border Crash Today

There were three trucks that collided and the mishap happened. The concerned crash took place on 11th February 2021. However; the incident has become talk of the town in the present days on the account of the statement of a spokesperson therein he stated that the case is not being investigated for the last one year because they are still waiting for the assent of the border connected are of both sides.

No sooner does the state on the other side of the border give us permission for the investigation in their area than they start the inquest. The permission of both sides is required because there is a need to establish the circumstances of the accident so as to come across all the facts of the mishap.

The statement of the police officer of South Australia was shared on a programme of ABC Radio on Tuesday, 2nd February 2022. The officer has also shared that the discussed truck crash resulted in the death of a person named Steven Lawrie. The passenger of another truck was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. As a result, the doctors could save the life of one passenger in the hospital. As per the reports, one truck was pushed and taken to a stationary around 5 kilometres from the location of the mishap.

On the other hand, another truck was pushed to another stationary ahead of the former one. The accident trucks got out of order on the account of the crash; therefore, the accident trucks had to be pushed with the help of other vehicles. The police have claimed that the accident case will be solved very soon if all the required permissions are given by the authorities of both regions. This accident issue has become an interesting topic among the people because of the involvement of different territories.

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