Boxer David Lemieux’s Father Garo Melekian Shot Dead In Separate Shooting Incident

Boxer David Lemieux’s Father Garo Melekian Shot Dead In Separate Shooting Incident:- We often see shooting incidents on the internet. Nowadays, cities are becoming more and more dangerous. The security of police is increasing day by day but still, these crimes took place behind them. Similarly today we are going to tell about an incident in which two men were shot to death in individual incidents. Not only this, in both of them, one was the father of a well-known and famous boxer, David Lemieux. A case was filed by the police for this incident. If you want to know more about this incident like, they were killed, how many people killed them, and other information, then stay connected to this article and keep reading it, we will try to update you on everything you want to know about it.

Boxer David Lemieux Father Garo Melekian Shot Dead In Separate Shooting Incident

Who Killed Garo Melekian? Victim Died In Shooting

According to the reports available on the internet, this horrific incident happened after a week when two teenagers were killed by a shooting in the city area of Montreal West. Police said in their statement that it is almost certain that two fatal shootings in different parts of the city on Tuesday night were carried out by the same person within an hour. This is so strange to hear that the same person killed two people in different places.

As said by Marie-Claude Dandenault, the chief inspector officer, on Wednesday evening that only one criminal is responsible for the shooting in both places. He also added in his statement that his team is waiting for the ballistics report. The investigation by the police is still ongoing and they are doing their all efforts to find him. This is also by the officials that this incident was not a gang war. There has been no suspect arrested yet but police got so many clues that they get help to find the shooter.

Although the shooter ran away from the spot after the shooting, there are some people who were witnesses to this matter. There are some rumors on the internet which are saying that the shooter belonged to goons. Well, there is no information available the why the shooter killed him, but there are some assumptions that maybe he wants to rob them or he came for a mission or something else. May their souls rest in peace and God Bless them. We hope this information was helpful for you and if you want more updates and information, then stay connected to us here.

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