Rishab & Raina Marry! Brahmarakshas 10th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Rishab & Raina Marry! Brahmarakshas 10th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The Zee TV’s popular horror-thriller TV series “Brahmarakshas” is all set to deliver some exciting drama which will be keeping the audience enthralled and the show is also enough to give huge drama on the weekend.


In the upcoming episode of the TV show “Brahmarakshas,be manages” Raina has been seen attacks by the Rakshas but Raina managed to save herself, soon the devil will be seen falling in love with her and the devil will be also decided to have her.

Although Raina’s lover, Rishabh, protecting her at all times, he will attempt to kill the devil also when he will be realised that the Rakshas is keen to have her. The show will witness “Brahmarakshas” will be actually taking the form of Rishabh in order to go intimates with her.

Raina will be sense actually that he is not Rishabh and being sceptical of the “Brahmarakshas” Raina won’t allow him to touch her neither, and she will be also fighting with the Rakshas with help of Rishabh.

Here, the show will introduce the entry of Aparajita (Kishwer Merchant), the wife of Sanjay, who actually murder Sanjay with her selfish motives and in order to seek revenge from Aparajita Sanjay just turn out to be “Brahmarakshas”.

Moreover, Sanjay also killed by a monster. Due to Aparajita will be arriving at the Rishabh house as her family call her so now she will be actually seen bumping with the Rakshas.

In the last night episode of the horror TV series “Brahmarakshas” it has been shown that the villagers manage to save Raina and Rishabh but in this process, Ajay’s dad died. Ajay’s mom goes in shocked and she blames Rakhi for the same which creates conflict in the entire house.

Eventually, Mohini seek the apology from Gayatri and she also asked Gayatri that since we arrived in the village we are just losing our family members so now we should support each other and leave the village ASAP if we wish to save us from the “Brahmarakshas”.

Rishabh and Raina all set to marry as they keen to kill “Brahmarakshas” and marriage is the only way to kill the Rakshas. As of now both Raina and Rishabh are busy organising their wedding.

Precap: Mohini asked Rishabh that he should not do anything which will be breaking her trust. Rishab and Raina marry in Brahmarakshas’s Mandir. Brahmarakshas arrives there and seen roaring.