Raina is Schoked! Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Raina is Schoked! Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series “Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan” begins with Rakshas started roaring on seeing Aparijita’s picture. Rishabh ties knot with Raina and he promised to her that he will be always with her. She said that she is also always there to support Rishabh in order to achieve their mission.


Due to Rishabh and Raina tie knot in the “Brahmarakshas” Mandir so Rakshas arrived there in front of them. Now Rishab and Raina heard “Brahmarakshas” roaring and they actually captured the Rakshas on the net by making him scared by a lotus flower.

Now Rishabh beat the Rakshas and the Rakshas just go faint. Eventually, when Rishabh go near to the “Brahmarakshas” he just opens his eyes and throws Rishabh in the air.

Rishab went to him and checked if he was alive or dead. Brahmarakshas opened his eyes and threw Rishab in air. Now Rakshas hit Rishabh mercilessly and Rishabh go unconscious as well he is having wounds all around his body.

Somehow Raina manages to bring Rishabh in the home where everybody scolded Raina. Mohini lashes out at Raina as when she denied them to do something why Rishabh and Raina did the same without obeying her. Mohini asked Raina that she will never accept her as Mohini’s Bahu, also she asked her to stay away from Rishabh.

On the other hand, due to Rishabh hurt Rakshas, Rakshas decided to seek revenge from him. Raina father reached Kamalpura, and he called her to ask her that he is now waiting for Raina in the station. He asked Raina to meet with him as Raina’s dad is aware of the “Brahmarakshas” history.

Two goons hit Raina’s father. They even try to run truck over him. Raina arrived and shocked to see that her father is brutally injured. Raina takes her injured father to the hospital, while journey Raina’s dad reveal her a secret that Raina is not his own daughter.

Raina is shocked and before she could ask anything to him the doctor announced to Raina that her dad goes to coma. Raina is shocked to know that her dad is not her real dad. And something which disturbs her that why the devil is after Rishabh and her dad.

On seeing that Rishabh and her dad’s life is in danger she realised that the Rakshas is there to harm the person whom she loved. She got a locket and thinks that Phuli too sent those people’s picture to her.

Apu came to Kalampura. She got out of the car and smiled looking the place which belonged to her actually. The Rakshas saw Apu and laughed finally Aparajita arrives here.

He would kill Apu now as his soul would get free only after killing her and the Rakshas is having now this single mission. Stay tuned for more updates of the daily soap “Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan”.