Shocking Twist! Brahmarakshas 18th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shocking Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan 18th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series “Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan” begins with Raina arrives and Mohini asked to her that if she believes in this wedding or not. Raina sees Appu Maa is standing there and she asked Mohini that she accepted this wedding and Mohini became too happy asked her to come in the house by following all the rituals’.


She thought that Appu was the one who killed Brahmarakshas, now she will be making Aparajita confess her crime. Aparajita asked Aditya that she is sceptical of Raina as Raina was starring at her. Aditya asked her to ignore the same as well asked her to discuss their plan.

Now Raina asked Rishabh that she is keen to discuss something with him but they end up in having some funny conversations. Mohini sees that Aparijita bring jewellery for Rakhi but due to now Rakhi is no more so she should gift the same to Raina as Raina is now a daughter to Mohini.

Raina went to Appu’s room thinking of the clue she might have here but Nalin and Aditya consider Raina as Aparajita and they injected something on Raina instead of Aparajita. After having the injection Raina goes dizzy and faint. Aditya and Nalin take Raina thinking her as Aparajita to the Mandir to handover her to the “Brahmarakshas”.

Aparajita somehow realised that Nalin and Aditya want to kill Aparajita so she asked them to be in their limit unless she will be exposing them. Appu also warned to them that the master plan to kill Sanjay was actually of Nalin and Aditya.

But it was just Aparajita’s dream and she sees Raina there. Phuli was also there and both Aparajita and Phuli asked Raina that what she is doing here and Raina said that she come here to kill the “Brahmarakshas” as he is the Rakshas who killed her parents and friend Rakhi.

Phuli asked Raina that before the plan to kill “Brahmarakshas” you need t know some reality of him first and she elaborates the same to Raina which keep her awestruck, the important facts were really scary.

Nalin and Aditya feel upset that their plan doesn’t work this time and they are now keen to know a way to kill Aparajita. Raina feels that if she is in the temple how she arrives here and she is now wanted to know at last who give her sleeping injection.

Precap: Raina asked to Rishab that Apu is Sanjay Brahmarakshas’ wife, she is not lying. Apu says she is telling the truth. Rishabh is shocked now.