New Entry Is To Rock! Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode

New Entry Is To Rock! Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The popular TV channel Zee TV’s supernatural horror TV series Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan is now leading the TRP charts and it is all set to witness some more high voltage drama.


The show, which stars Ahem Sharma,Krystle Dsouza,Kishwer Merchant as the leads actually giving us the immense thrilling concept.

Many new entries are happening on the show and the news which is making headlines that the veteran TV actor Apara Mehta is all set to join the horror show in the very crucial role. Apara is touted as the most popular mother-in-law of Indian Television.

Apara Mehta will be seen entering in the show as Daadi of Rishabh and she will share an interesting chemistry with Raina as she will be arrives in the Kalampura mansion when the family will be seen celebrations Rishabh and Raina’s official wedding as now the family accepted Raina as bride of the house by getting her married with Raina with full following customs.

Raina will also have a proper Grih Pravesh in the house, Apara will be come as Dadi to blesses the newlywed couple in the ceremony of Raina’s ‘Mu -Dikayi’ and Dadi’s entry will be amazing in the Shrivastav household.
Since the original Brahmarakshas (Parag Tyagi) is dead, but now a lady will emerge as the Brahmarakshas and she will be from the Shrivastav family.

And the Brahmarakshas will be none other than Rakhi (Charu Mehra) who will return as the Rakshas. And this situation will be manipulated by Aparajita (Kishwer Merchantt) who is all set to take revenge from the family so she will be seen making Rakhi a Rakshasi.

So now, Raina will have to fight this lady Brahmarakshas and that too in her own house and she is no one else her friend Rakhi, Daadi (Apara Mehta) will actually help Raina to fight with these evils as Dadi is aware of mnay facts of the Brahmarakshas.

Parag Tyagi who played the original ‘Brahmarakshas’ will be seen biding adieu to the show he will be killed in the coming episode of the show by Appu Maa but keen to take revenge from Aparajita he will be enter in the Rakhi’s body which is preserves by Aparajita.

Till now we saw in the TV series Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan that Ajay is back in the Shrivastav house and Rishabh is sceptical about him that Ajay is Rakshas but he is not, Raina also refused to believe so. Aparajita is looking forward to having an opportunity to kill Rakshas.

Rishabh joins hands with Aparajita and him handover the book to Aparajita without Raina’s knowledge in which the process to kill the Rakshas is mentions. It will be interesting to see whether Raina will be able to shave the book back from Aparajita.

Raina wants to kill Rakshas without using any evil tricks and she is aware of it that Aparajita will kill him by using evil tricks.