Major Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan 9th October 2016 Written Updates

Major Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan 9th October 2016 Written Updates :- The TV series Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan last night episode begins with Rishab cried in front of Raina that his sister was alive as he did not feel that she died at all. Raina thought how he would know that Apu was the culprit and she tries to tell him but Rishabh just ignored her.


Moreover, he asked to her that for Rakhi I tied the knot with you but if now Rakhi is not alive then what is this relationship will be all about. Mohini organised the Saptami Puja in the Shrivastava mansion and she asked Rishabh to do the Puja with Raina. Raina thinks to continue the drama of her wedding with Rishabh as the family wants so.

Yug keeps torturing and he warned Naina to reveal about it. Phuli is sceptical of something and she shares the same with Raina. The Shrivastava family decided to leave the Kamalpura village and Raina asked Phuli to come with her. Phuli gives the nod.

Appu throws out from the village as she dare to deceives Nalay Shrivastava and now Appu is roofless. Mohini asked the Shrivastava family while going to Mumbai that right now she doesn’t want to leave the Kamalpura village as she needs to do some works here.

She asked her family to go to the Mumbai and Mohini asked the family that she will be arranged ambulance for Raina’s dad and need to look after him now. She asked Raina and the family to leave for Mumbai.

In the road suddenly Rishabh feels that he needs to go to the bathroom so he rushes to the jungle. Appu, on the other hand, feel something scary and weird in the jungle and run away to save her life. Raina follows Rishabh in the jungle and the monster is also coming to kill Appu.

In this process, the Appu bump with Raina and she asked to her that the monster is following Appu to kill her. Raina looks worried and asked Appu Maa that she will be save her. The monster is coming on the other hand.

Precap: Rishabh’s Dadi come in the village. Nalay announced that he won’t accept Raina as his daughter-in-law as Raina is not from his standard. Raina pledges to Rishabh that we should help Appu Maa.