Epic Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitan 28th August 2016 Written Updates

Epic Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitan 28th August 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitan it has been shown that Rishab is thinking about her demise sister Rakhi and Rishabh thinks Rakhi is asking to him why he did not save her. Is he is able to have the Rakhi on his hand’s which Rakhi ties on his hands? Rania arrives in front of Rakhi when he was just broken down in tears and she asked to him that we need to fight with the killer of Rakhi.

Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitan Written Updates

Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitan Written Updates

Whether he is Brahmarakshas or whatever but we need to kill him as by killing him we can save several other girls from dying in the hands of Brahmarakshas. So Rishabh also gives the nod and thinks to punish Brahmarakshas.

On the funeral of Rakhi, a mad woman arrives and she asked the family that I already denied to prepared wedding planning here but you did so which eventually call Brahmarakshas here. The men of the house cursed the woman but woman keeps blaming them for the arrival of Brahmarakshas.

After humiliation, Mama Ji and Yug throw out the woman from the mansion but she has been followed by Raina and Rishabh and both of them asked her to explain the history of Brahmaraskshas as Raina said she will stop Brahmarakshas to save the lives of girls.

Now the woman asked Raina and Rishabh the story of Sanjay who had been deceiving by his newlywed wife for his wealth and she also put him in the jungle, eventually, he has been killed by a gorilla.

Now he is killing every newlywed bride as he is in motive to kill that woman who compels him to become Rakshas. And he will be killing now all the woman till he will not find that evil woman. Raina goes to the temple alone as Rishi went to his home to attain the call from Appu Maa.

Raina sees the woman photo in the mansion who actually killed Sanjay. Other than Appu Maa is the Aparijita actually who killed Sanjay but nobody is aware of it. Appu Maa also asked Mohini that she will be not coming in the village, in fact, she asked the family to come in the Mumbai.

The family rushes to Mumbai but in the mean time their car got damaged and Rishabh’s brother arrives to repair the same. But it is actually done by Rishabh actually she wants him to show the woman’s photo in the mansion.

So both of them leave by saying Raina needs to go the bathroom and Rishabh will be going with her as she will be feeling scared. Ajay’s behaviour somehow go change and somehow family also suspects that the Brahmarakshas has been possessed someone’s body from family as he is missing.

And if he is possessed someone then he must have died also. So maybe Ajay has been possessed by him as Ajay also wanted to go with Raina and he is also looking weird. Ajay and Raina leave with hurry.

Precap: Raina applies Sindoor on her Maang in presence of Rishabh which makes Rishabh fumes on anger and stunned. Gradually he said that we need to finish Brahmarakshas.