Brazil dam collapse: Faith and Expectations are now turning out to be into Anguish

Faith and expectations of the people in Brazil are fading away and it is turning out to be in anguish and anger. People were before expecting that their loved ones had somehow survived a tsunami of iron ore mine waste which was unleashed from a breakdown of dam in Brazil. But now after seeing the situation, it seems to be like that many of the hundreds of people who were missing earlier had died.

When the authorities called off rescue efforts by Saturday night, up to day break, the death toll raised at 40 with up to 300 people expected to be disappeared. During the course of the day, helicopters hovered low above zones submerged by mud and fire-fighters operated to get to constructions by digging.


A lady whose son had worked at Vale mining company for 20 years and is missing said, “I’m angry, there is no way I can stay calm, my hope is that they be honest. I want news, even if it’s bad.” She said that the last time see spoke to her son was when he went to work on Friday.

Workers of the mining compound retained and functioned by Brazilian mining company Vale and were having their lunch on Friday afternoon when the dam collapsed suddenly.

During the course of Saturday, total number of families in the city of Brumadinho badly waited for the word on their loved ones as governor of Minas Gerais state, Romeu Zema, said that at this point greatest rescue efforts would involve dragging out bodies.

The stream of the waste stretched the neighbouring community of Vila Ferteco and an engaged Vale administrative office. Roofs thrust above a widespread arena of the mud on Saturday, which also cut off the roads. After the dam breakdown, some residents were displaced from Brumadinho. Other inhabitants of the affected areas hardly run away with their lives.

A local from the neighbourhood of Parque Cachoeira which is around 5 miles (8 kilometers) from where the dam distorted said that he saw mud coming down from the hill which was breaking down the trees and was making great loud sounds. He said, “I saw all the mud coming down the hill, snapping the trees as it descended. It was a tremendous noise”.

On Saturday, the company said in a statement that while 100 workers were recovered and more than 200 workers were still missing. Fire executives at one point projected the total number at close to 300.

Meanwhile, authorities with the Minas Gerais fire department said that till now 40 bodies was recovered as of Saturday night and 23 people were hospitalized. There had been certain signs of faith previously on Saturday when authorities found 43 more people alive but with the passage of time that hope is converting into anguish.

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