Brazil vs Ecuador Copa America 2016 Highlights Results Goals Video Final Score

Brazil vs Ecuador Copa America 2016 Highlights Results Goals Video Final Score :- The fourth match of the 45 edition of Copa America was between Brazil and Ecuador. This match resulted in a draw. This is the second draw of the tournament out of the total number of four matches that has taken place till now.


Brazil has been an excellent team but Ecuador has been a sensational team in recent times. This has proved now and thus match resulted in a draw.

This match proved to be the first controversial match of the Copa America Centenario 2016.

The incident took place in the 68th minute when Miller Bolanos tries to score a goal from a wild , Maicon like the angle on the end line, but suddenly lines misjudged the ball to have been out of the bounds and finally Ecuador had to settle for the score of 0-0 with the Brazil.

After that, Ecuadorian supporters erupted with cheer when the goalkeeper of Brazil Allison made a meal of Bolanos ‘ ball, which seemed to be more cross than shot and initially let it  slips into the near side of the net.

This was taken fire even on the social media network. People started tweeting about this controversy.

When the match started , Ecuador slowly started getting into the groove and immediately started doing the counter attack.

Ecuador was more settled and they the disciplined in the field  in both defence and attack, players were taking their time with every move.

On the other hand, Brazil was also looking solid in the field and their best chance arrived in the 83rd minute of the match when Lucas Moura snapped a header off Renato Augusto’s cross wide of an open net.

While Brazil was missing its superstar Neymar but Neymar was seen watching the match with pop star Justin Beiber.

Brazil fans were missing Neymar on the ground playing for the  respective Brazil.

But for now, both these team will look to their next group match , where they can win and qualify for knockout stages.

We will bring the latest update on this tournament as this tournament will progress.