Brazilian Police Raid: 18 People Dead During Police Raid On Rio De Janeiro

Brazilian Police Raid: 18 People Dead During Police Raid On Rio De Janeiro:- There is a piece of news that came in that 18 people dead in a Brazilian police raid which is so saddening for everyone. This protest was happening on Thursdays, which was the bloodiest attack targeting drug traffickers in low-income areas of Rio. As shots were fired from the helicopter above and this was huge, four hundred laboriously armed police officers stormed the Complexo do Alemao, a lush area located in Rio de Janeiro. If you want to know about the protest, why were they killed? And other information, then stay connected to this article, we will update you on everything you want to know.

Brazilian Police Raid: 18 People Dead During Police Raid On Rio De Janeiro

According to the reports, as said by the officials, there are 18 people died in this raid in which there are 16 people were criminals. The remaining two people were bystanders who were just killed because of those criminals. Although the scene at the site was so horrific as you can assume that there were so many dead bodies and so much blood on the ground. During this shooting, the public started rushing here and there to save their lives of themselves. As per the information available on the internet, they all were a criminal gang that had been killed by police officials.

During the whole day, the operation was last and there were a thousand traps in their houses of them. According to the statement of the police officials, the motive of the raid was just to find the criminals and arrest them to stop. These criminals were planning an operation in the rival slums, as said by the police officials. There is a challenge for the police which is that some of the criminals were wearing military uniforms and this is almost impossible to find among the other people. But still, they conduct a raid and got success.

This news is on trend on the internet, as many people are searching it a lot. Some people are spreading rumors about the police as they are saying that police killed them to stop the protest and after killing them, they spread rumors that they are criminals. This statement was wrong because this was spreading to gain more likes and subscribers on their page. We are also suggesting you don’t believe in these kinds of rumors as they are so fake. We hope this information or content was helpful. Always stay connected to us for more updates and information.

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