Brightsandz Technologies: Launches Armoŕ Laptop – EMF Radiation and Heat Shield Starting at Rs 2,499

Brightsandz Technologies has launched Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation and Heat Shield: – This is the much-awaited product namely, Brightsandz launches Armoŕ Laptop which is designed in a way which will eliminate that all harmful effects of the same.

This Brightsandz launches Armoŕ Laptop which is all set to have the EMF and the Wi-Fi radiation along with 100 percent heat release reduction so the heat will be obviously going to eliminate from this Brightsandz launches Armoŕ Laptop.

EMF Radiation Heat Shield

The Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation and Heat Shield is an EMF protection solution which will safeguard the Brightsandz launches Armoŕ Laptop, which can be considered as an electronic device.

While using the Armoŕ Laptop there are some special features available on the same which will protect your device from getting virus attacked. And in the Armoŕ Laptop can properly use at the laptops and netbooks.

It blocks the full spectrum of harmful electromagnetic radiation from 0-10 GHz including Radio Frequency (RF) as well as harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) along with heat emission reduction.

This shield is going to be available in two variants – Armoŕ Elite which is priced at Rs 2999 and Armoŕ Pro which is priced at Rs 2499.

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The two variants of the gadget Armoŕ Laptop is all set to available at the online shopping Amazon and the shield will help in reducing the EMF by 100mG.

In this Armoŕ Laptop, there will be 98 percent Radio Frequencies reduction and 100 percent heat release lessening. The texture laptop shield is anti-slip and the splash-proof.

Well, another feature of the Armoŕ Laptop is that it can block the full spectrum of the bad and harmful electromagnetic radiation which can come from the 0-10 GHz.

Brightsandz, Armor Laptop

Some good features of the Armoŕ Laptop are including Radio Frequency (RF) but it will stop the harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) apart from the heat emission reduction.

The new gadget Armoŕ Laptop is also rich texture laptop shield is anti-slip, splash-proof so it is also easy to clean.

Everybody irrespective of their works can sue the Armoŕ Laptop like students, teachers, and office going people or even housewives. Armoŕ Laptop will be ideal for everybody to use as it is easy to use also.

Internal tests prove that placing the Armor laptop shield on the underside can also give a safe working environment as the laptop is made-up with the system by which each harmful effects will be eliminated from the same.

At present, BrightSandz Cleantech Armor laptop is the only EMF radiation shielding products which can be regarded as the solutions venture in India and South-East Asia. Laptop Acer Swift 7

Armor Laptop has also measured all forms of EMF radiation; it also provides customized solutions for complex shielding requirements, stated by the company.

“Laptops are an important and an integral part of our work life, indeed we spend 6-10 hours on our laptops, 4 to 5 days a week”.

The underside of our laptop emits high EMF radiation, which can be damaging to our bodies as strong radiation comes from any Laptop or computer usually, reportedly.

Well the Armor Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield is a path-breaking product from BrightSandz CleanTech that addresses the problem of laptop radiation and it is a safe laptop which can be safe for everybody to sue the same.