Broom Floting Video Viral on Social Media, Tiktok Watch Online

The world is full of mysteries and some people create mislead to disturb the society full of curiosities. There are numerous videos available on YouTube that as shocked people with inner mysteries. On the other hand, some people create rumours using some technology so as to get the attention of the world which come out to be revealed before folk. Some rumours are created with the intention of looting people and some rumours are created to protect the rituals. Some rumours are funny whereas some rumours are scary.

there is nothing visible attached to the broom to support it; however, this scenario in the viral video can be the creation

As far as the world mystery is concerned, the news of floating broom is bringing a spate amongst all the social media platforms all across the internet. The TikTok handle “@theonenamedlucca” has uploaded a video capturing a floating broom. Lucca is the real name of the TikTok handle @theonenamedlucca. In this video, Lucca is claiming to capture a floating broom in his camera. After uploading this video on November 3, 2021, the number of viewers surged to million views. By the present date, the video has got more than 3 million views on the Tiktok. In the concerned video, there is nothing visible attached to the broom to support it; however, this scenario in the viral video can be the creation of scientific temperament and most of the viewers are not able to find out the secret behind this scientific phenomenon. Lucca claimed that he noticed something strange on camera when he was with a delivery boy; however, they deleted the video after some time. His statement created doubts about the authenticity of his video; therefore many people are taking his video under question as well as for a topic of laughter. The audience may judge the video on their own grounds. The video is questioned to be a rant to seek the attention of netizens so as to get viral on the internet.

Reactions of the people

The viral video has been upholding the attention of people since the upload on November 3, 2021. Although the video is being viral yet Lucca, owner of @theonenamedlucca, is receiving a negative response on social media platforms which is ruining his social media image. People commented “Matrix has failed again”, the video is something like anything stuck on the window and somebody jumped out of the car”, “Don’t waste the time of people with cheap tricks”, “Well, shoot something authentic”, and so on and so forth. Most of the viewers are taking this viral video as a joke.

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