Shocking! Bulandshahr Gang-Rape: 3 Bawariya Gang Members Arrested Police Chief, 6 Others Suspended

Shocking! Bulandshahr Gang-Rape: 3 Bawariya Gang Members Arrested Police Chief, 6 Others Suspended :- The Bulanshar rape case has taken a new turn as UP Police has claimed that they have arrested the three men who were accused of raping brutally women and her teenage daughter.


It is believed that women and her daughter were brutally dragged from their car on the bypass by their car on a gun point. According to the victim, the gangs was of bandits and the whole gang raped her and her daughter brutally.

After, this incident even the Samajwadi Party government came under intense flak. Although, Akhilesh Yadav who is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh sent his troops led by the UP DGP Javeed Ahmed and he soon claimed that he has identified those three persons who were involved in this gang rape.

According to the reports, three rapists are identified as Naresh (25), Bablu (22) and Rais (28). According to the officials of the UP Police department, they have arrested around 15 peoples from the different tribes and last night, they have interrogated them.

Also, the victims have identified the three people who were accused of raping them and if believed, all these three people belong to belonged to Bawariya gang.

Police officials also informed media wing that all the three rapists will be charged under the stringent National Security Act (NSA). Meanwhile, chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is earning an appreciation for his strict action that he has taken against the amid allegations of laxity by police.

Soon, he came to know that police force are accused of showing laxity in the investigation of this case, he suspended SSP Vaibhav Kishan, Circle Officer (Sadar) Himanshu Gaurav, SHO Ramsen Singh of Kotwali Dehat and SP City Rammohan Singh.

Although, UP Police department rubbished all these charges of not taking action swiftly and they said that their team reached the spot within 20 min after getting the information about this rape case.

On the other side, all the political parties are criticizing the UP government for setting up long express highways without any security measure. The Bhola Singh, who is the Bulanshar MP of BJP parties shows his concern for this rape case and told media reporters that this is a tragic incident and painful but for this UP government is responsible.

Meanwhile, rape cases have a common issue in India and every morning starts with the news of the rape of a female communist. We all being a male communist, should understand it and should make our brothers, sons, fathers and friends to stop this madness as it is a brutal crime.