Bullet Basya Movie Review Ratings Public Response Box Office Collection

Bullet Basya Movie Review Ratings Public Response Box Office Collection :- “Bullet Basiya” is an upcoming Kannada film which is like a celebration for the movie lover. The movie already fetches audience attraction and attention. Seems the film highly inspired from prominent leading business tycoon of India Vijay Malya. As the leading actor of the movie inspired from him.

Bullet Basya Movie review

Bullet Basya Movie review

Bullet Basya Movie Review & Rating

“Bullet Basya” is story of a group consists of youth people and they are having fun in their life. They are typical youths. The youth will definitely connect with the movie. You need to be very fun loving person to make such movie at the same time affluent too.

Jayathirtha – of Olave Mandhara and Tony has completed major portions of the film in Mandya and Mysooru backdrop.

The rich and affluent is Sharan (hero of the movie) delivered good performance. He has moustache for the first time. He is like Vijay Mallya in a village who is always in party mood. Moderately opposite heroine of the movie from the hero, Haripriya for this ‘Bullet Basya’. She is strong but comes from poverty stricken family. The clash of the two is interesting point. In the company of ‘Bullet Basya’ there is Yathiraj, Adi, Giri, Prashanth Siddi, Tanvir. They own a ‘Basya Band’.

The songs moderately fine in the movie. There is also a special song track have which is very interesting and colorful. Sharan about “Bullet Basiya” says, this kind of role he never did in his career, also he clicked photos of himself.

Raghu Nidavalli is wrote the dialogue of the movie and also pen down one song. Yogaraj Bhat, Nagendra Prasad, Kaviraj have lent a song each. Master Anand, Srujan Lokesh, Rangayana Raghu are also in the cast.

This is another lavish venture from Jayanna and Bhogendra. Arjun Janya is scoring music and Sugnan is man behind camera for ‘Bullet Basya’.

It’s depends how public and critics will rate the movie, although promo is impressive and star power is capable to fetch the audience. Overall, makers are saying it is a good entertainer.

Bullet Basya Movie Box Office Collection

Bullet Basya weekend box office collection report is below and this is the total sum of the day 1, day 2 and day 3 Bullet Basya box office collection report. Bullet Basya movie gone very well and all the fans of Sharan and Haripriya are watching the movie repeatedly for his performance.

1st Day Box Office Collection : 1 crore*

2nd Day Box Office Collection : 2 crore*

3rd Day Box Office Collection : 3 crore*

Bullet Basya Weekend Box Office Collection Income : 6 crore*


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